Starve Fear and Feed Love.

“Major barrier to successful planning are fear of change, ignorance, uncertainty about the future and lack of imagination.” John C. Maxwell

When you read the quote above you can put it in context and link it to business success and possible failure if the barriers cannot be overcome. In this day and age and at this particular moment in time in our country and the world this quote can also be linked to political and racial upheavals. Fear and barriers are the catalysts for violent attacks on groups of people in America and worldwide. Let’s break it down a bit for better comprehension:

Fear of Change– For many, it is more important to uphold the status quo than it is to respect the rights of others. When a change occurs many who enjoy the benefits of being a part of the status quo tend to begin to fear the change.

Ignorance: The word speaks for itself. Ignorance can be the result of a lack or knowledge or lack of exposure. If an entire group of people or a culture is “lumped” into one and given the same description be it good or bad then that is just plain ignorance.

Uncertainty About the Future: We’ve seen presidential candidates feed off of the fears and hopes of Americans time and time again and garner votes based on the majority’s fear of the future. Many of our candidates, Democrats and Republicans, all use this platform in order to put our minds at ease. Most recently, we’ve seen Donald Trump pull this card and play it all too well to come into a close tie with Hillary Clinton. The extreme and outrageous stereotypical tirades that Donald Trump has directed towards groups of people who have historically been the minority have played into the fears and uncertainty of the future of America.

Lack of Imagination:  John Lennon said it best, “Imagine all the people, living life in peace.” If only we can build fences and not walls.



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