Perseverance Through a Pandemic

COVID-19 came and changed everything that we know is normal. We all sheltered in place, worked and schooled from home, our favorite restaurants and shops were closed, no entertainment and for many of us no visits with our friends, families and loved ones. The way we lived changed dramatically.

As you thought you had a hold on life in quarantine, all things shifted again. We all watched the tragic video of a Black man being murdered at the hands of police in Minneapolis. We have seen this tragedy time and time again but this was different. The combination of having the time to process just what is happening in the world along with the final straw for injustice brought on a Black Lives Matter movement bigger than any expected. We saw a worldwide movement. A shift. We now hope to see systematic change.

Proudly showing off my quarantine banana bread in an IG post.

As you read this now, you can look back and think about just how much you’ve persevered. You did it. You lived through a time that will go down in history. You’ve added to change and you could not have done it without caring for your mind and body.

Kourtney Kardashian’s IG was loaded with the most fabulous salads and coffee tablescapes.

Food became an essential part of quarantine. Many of us baked and showed off the prettiest banana breads on Instagram. We had to cook or learn how because many restaurants were closed and ordering for pick up or delivery as no longer with ease. Let’s face it, food probably also gave us the most comfort, the feeling of a norm that we craved.

What is your guilty pleasure?


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