The Power of “I Am”



We are surrounded by people schooling us about the “universe” and “manifesting” all the things that we want, and you know that for most of us it’s money. Well, the question is, how do you manifest the things you really want? Truth be told, we can only ask and expect to receive. Please believe that you will have to roll up your sleeves and put some work in but the first step to manifesting is to know exactly what you want, ask for it and believe that you already have it in your possession. The Bible taught us that faith without works is dead so the disclaimer here is to not forget to put in your work. Work is something you cannot escape.

After the realization that you must put in work, please remember when asking for what it is that you desire from God or the Universe, please affirm your ask with the simple phrase “I Am.” The “I Am” places you in the present tense and it is how you should begin writing your goal/s. Remain in the present and think of your “I Am” as a command of sorts. You are commanding the things that you want but with humility and gratitude. You can ask for success with “I will be successful.” You command it with “I am successful.”

If nothing else, start your day with your “I Am” affirmations. Create affirmations that describe the you that you would like to become. Start with “I am health. I am abundance. I am wealth. I am happiness.” This is a mantra that can trigger the subconscious and lead to your reality if you are not ready there.


How do you start your day? Do you have affirmations that you’ve created to set the tone for your day?


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