Weekend Wind-down

It’s a treat for me to spend a weekend day in bed next to a lit candle, fresh flowers, fashions and Chrissy.

The winter weekends call for comfy, warm and inviting spaces as well as routines that include beauty and eats.

Curl up in bed eight your favorite magazine and slather on your best skin care products.

Ren Skincare is great for exfoliating and softening  my face. My Instyle magazine is never too far behind. It keeps me posted on all of the latest trends.

A glass of red is good for the heart.

Treat yourself to a descent bottle directly from France. La Vielle Ferme is affordable and smooth.

Make a Meal.

Make yourself a fresh, healthy meal. Snag some fresh flowers and have a 4-star experience.

This goes beyond “self-care”. You don’t have to schedule time in your day to truly care for yourself. Care for yourself on a day to day basis. Self care does not even have to be a “thing”. Control your thoughts. Be kind to yourself and others in your mind me thoughts. Forgive. Focus on what makes you happy and fulfilled and smile.


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