Stay Healthy and Focused to Flourish

We can all agree that these have been trying times. It can feel beyond hopeful right now. Imagine, just over eight years ago we had “hope” and we felt hopeful. Today, well, we are going day by day. We are feeling overwhelmed with fears about the pandemic, overt racism, dirty politics, dirtier politicians, global warming,Continue reading “Stay Healthy and Focused to Flourish”

Sunday Stroll

There is nothing better than a Sunday afternoon stroll and if you get to stroll through nature, then the Sunday stroll gets even better. The warm weather invites cool clothing as well as the desire to get outdoors. This dress made me feel amazingly free and not restricted. I normally live in blue jeans butContinue reading “Sunday Stroll”

Weekend Wind-down

The winter weekends call for comfy, warm and inviting spaces as well as routines that include beauty and eats. Ren Skincare is great for exfoliating and softening  my face. My Instyle magazine is never too far behind. It keeps me posted on all of the latest trends. A glass of red is good for theContinue reading “Weekend Wind-down”

Self Care Edition: Eight Tips To Living A Low Stress Lifestyle

These are some of the methods that I use in order to live a low-stress lifestyle. I cannot use the term “stress-free” because stress is just another feeling that lets us know that we are living and breathing. It is there with love, hate, fear, anxiety… Stress can be a good thing but it shouldContinue reading “Self Care Edition: Eight Tips To Living A Low Stress Lifestyle”

Do You Want More? Journey for Self-Improvement.

    Lately, I have been a bit obsessed with self-improvement and have really been trying to tap into a need to do “more”. Now when I say “more” I do not simply mean I want to be busy. Being busy does not make for a more fulfilled life. On the contrary, being busy can shaveContinue reading “Do You Want More? Journey for Self-Improvement.”

Essence Magazine and Johnson & Johnson Brings Path to Power: Lessons in Self-Care.

Two brands that we trust when it comes to quality came together and created a panel of women who spoke about the importance of “self-care”. We’ve all heard the term “self-care” before but how many of us really practice the routines and rituals that make self-care necessary. I’m guilty of not always caring for myselfContinue reading “Essence Magazine and Johnson & Johnson Brings Path to Power: Lessons in Self-Care.”

Discipline and Perseverance: The Body Book

Is anyone else reading, “The Body Book” by Cameron Diaz with Sandra Bark? My husband gifted it to me for Christmas and I have yet to sit and read it cover to cover. I must admit that I don’t really read self help books like this one straight through. I like to read it chapterContinue reading “Discipline and Perseverance: The Body Book”