Welcome BET Her


Did you notice a few months ago that your Centric TV switched over to BET Her? There were teaser promos for BET’s “Her” channel while Centric TV was still alive. I was excited to see the snippets of women of color who did not fit the convention for average body size and there weren’t women arguing or throwing drinks in the promos either! There were no reality show hijinks promised and I looked forward to it. Well, BET Her is now in full swing and I have to be honest, I have not watched as often as I wished. Whenever I tune in, I am never in luck to catch original programming. It’s Sunday, I’m typing and tuned into BET Her and the iconic movie, “Lean on Me” is on the air, followed by another iconic drama, “Set it Off”.

I would prefer some original programming on this Sunday afternoon though but I know how hard good content is to come by. It’s not easy for the blog writer nor the big networks, especially when they are creating for niche markets like women of color.  But, do not despair! The website is chock full of really cool content to peruse.

Check it out: https://www.bet.com/bet-her.html

Love that there is content for personal fitness, travel, finance, women who inspire. All the goods! Recently, BET Her covered the fight against cancer by having real survivors speak to us directly through IG stories as they completed the fight against cancer walk in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Real women are fighting real battles for themselves, their families and their communities and BET Her brings that to us directly. Well, they bring real women and definitely brings out the celebs who fight for the causes as well.


Naturi Naughton


Keyshia Cole




The Ladies of Xscape.







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