Sun, Sand and Black Bathing Suits.

There is no season I prefer over Summer. You can take the crisp of the Fall leaves. You can have your fresh fallen snow. Give me the beam of the sun’s rays, the warmth of the ocean and crash of the waves.

My daughter and I both share a love for the ocean. We can wade in the water, jump over waves and watch tiny fish swim by our feet for hours on end. The Summer plans always involve beach trips.


Fun Fact: I keep beach mats and chairs in the trunk of my car all year round.

Bathing Suits: OldNavy

Statement Coat: Do Something Different

Mixing the old and the new, high and the low is essential in building style. No one should be wrapped in one bran or one trend. It makes for a look that does not strike interesting or feel authentic. I love a mix of textures and prints. I am a sucker for wearing all thing black so that can get a bit boring if there  isn’t something interesting happening.



For me, in the wintertime, there is something to be said for having a great coat that you might not see on everyone else. The bigger, warmer and Sofer the better. I recently picked up this long, black velvet feel coat at L Train Vintage. It was the only one in store so I probably won’t see anyone else in NYC swagging out in my coat. The trend has been loads of leopard prints, faux furs and teddy bear coats on all of IG and the blogs.


Quite frankly, the Social Media has caused for a complete overload when it comes to the ways trends are presented by influencers and bloggers. Even though the influencers are all different, the trends ALL look the SAME. Damn Gina! This NYC girl needs some type of variety from said influencers. Swag up and deliver that leopard or teddy bear coat in a different way.

P.S. I’m no influencer so the coat just went over what I wore to work on Friday and I drafted my 13-year-old to take these pics. I wear what’s comfortable but I love seeing great style. It’s like moving art.

Coat: L Train Vintage; Sweater: Forever 21; Black Tee: Old Navy; Blue Jeans: H&M; Leather Bootie: Sears



What I Wore Today: Bomb Cyclone Edition

If you are on the East Coast you are probably snowed in today. We’ve been experiencing some fridigit temps for the past few weeks on the East Coast. Our friends in the South have also had unseasonably cold temperatures. It’s like 44 degrees in Miami at night! Why?!

The unfair temperatures have forced me to hibernate more and find indoor activities to partake in instead of having to brave the cold.

I can’t always escape the cold temps, as much as I would like to, and that means I have to dress to conquer the weather. We are currently under a storm watch and there is a “Bomb Cyclone” advisory on today. A what? A Bomb Cyclone. It sounds freaking scary and I’ve never heard anything of the like before. It feels like a typical snowstorm only wish more winds.

We stayed in and are binge watching Black Mirror. We had to go out to shovel our walk so I decided to throw on a little lip and put on my favorite sunglasses for fun.


Despite the shenanigans, we did shovel our walk and cleared some of the snow from our car.
The streets are near barren.
Few commuters are on the road and little to no foot traffic leaves for quiet streets.
I am learning to embrace the elements I once disliked, like the Atlantic Ocean and the cold weather. Enjoy the time that you are in and the space that you occupy. 


Protect your head, feet and ya neck! (Brooklyn Talk)
Cold but happy.


Coat, Hat and Sweater (Old Navy)

Sunglasses (Chloe)

Boots (Burlington Coat Factory)

Lip (CoverGirl Outlast)

Pictures: John Ricard



The color black is often seen as somber and a color that we wear to mourn but it actually evokes the opposite feeling for me. As a child, my favorite color was red. Not just any red, but the brightest red possible. The color red brought me immense joy when I wore it. You couldn’t tell the 8-year old me nothing if I had on a red dress that I could twirl in. Twirl! Today, the color black does the same thing for me. Living in NYC makes loving the color Black even easier because I really feel like an all black outfit it is the city’s unofficial uniform. It is only natural that I fall in love with the color that my city reps.

We were in Battery Park City recently and the newly revitalized neighborhood is one of my favorite places to spend summer days in the city. We took the opportunity to use the amazing light to capture the beauty of the shades of black.


Coat: Old Navy

Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Old Navy

Sunglasses: Cole Haan

Red Lip: ELF



Self-Care Essentials

We often take care of so many things and people better than we care for ourselves. Self-care is on everyone’s tongue tips at the moment because so many of us just don’t take the time to slow down and grant ourselves small pleasures. Self-care can come as simple as lighting a candle at night to create a calming environment before bed. It can be taking a longer than usual bath or shower. Water does not only help cleanse the body but it also helps to center the mind. I use Sundays as a day where I carve out some time in the week to do some things just for me. there are some products that help to make the pampering just a bit easier. They aren’t pricey, obtainable and most importantly good!!

My favorite subscription box, Curlbox, makes a Curlbox Body Box and this edition featured products from “Eden Bodyworks“. The coconut and shea line adds moisture to skin and smells fantastic. Use it after a bath or shower and layer on your scents.
A good magazine is an essential and “Vanity Fair” always has great articles that are so well written they take you away. While reading I like to treat my face and hair. After deep cleaning my face, I add treatments like “Paula’s Choice” Vitamin C Spot Treatment and add some “Palmer’s” Cocoa butter to my lips for incredible moisture. I add “Jane Carter Solution” Seal and Shine serum to my strands for moisturized, tangle free and shiny hair. Oh, you can’t forget to give yourself a self-mani. These colors from “Old Navy” in collab with “Zoya” are perfect for Spring.
Yeah, no, I’m not on vacation and I’m not surrounded by water but this Ralph Lauren catalog took me away!!! How beautiful is this view?? I’m bathed, smelling good, feeling good and flipping through the pages of outdoor furnishing goals. I’m winning!
I live for a basket weave.

Finally, now that we’ve worked on pampering and improving the outside, let us focus on the inner health. Detoxing and feeding your body good food is probably the most important part of self-care. Hannah Bronfman, the creator of HBFIT, works out all the time and varies her workouts to fit her mood and body goals. She also eats clean and makes a detox soup from time to time that anyone can make at home. You simply saute these ingredients (onion, zucchini, asparagus and celery) in a pot, add stock (salt and pepper) and then blend. You’ve got soup for a few days!


What are your self-care tips? 

Quick Old Navy Summer Sale Haul

I sauntered into my local Old Navy Outlet in mid-July looking for sports bras only to find very few options because there had been a major sale. What’s a girl who needs sports bras to do? Go online of course. I’m not the biggest online shopper there is. I like to feel, touch and look at my wares but the way Old Navy and I are set up, I don’t really need to feel that way regarding shopping online with them. I think I know the store stock by heart.

I went online for sports bras and ended up getting a bunch of yoga/athletic tops and pants for my daughter and some beach essentials for myself.

Let’s take a peek at my goodies:


At $8 dollars each, I had to have two! I cannot get through a workout without a great sports bra and these are a perfect fit and I look for the under breast elastic and crisscross back support.


I spotted this sandal on a girl on the train and I loved them immediately. She had the perfect white polish pedicure and wondered where she got the cute sandals. Fast-forward a week later and there they there were online at Old Navy  for 5 dollars. Mine!
We are headed to a little getaway in a few weeks and I am in desperate need of a new swimsuit. This coral color one piece with the braided strap is fresh, young and perfect for family swims. Even greater steal at $16.



This Just In: The Old Navy Edition.

Why do I love Old Navy? I don’t have to wait until some mega sale in order to buy what I want in store or online. The prices are accessible for most of our bank accounts and paychecks. The styles are classic yet they do try to keep customers on trend. These are the current styles that I’m obsessing over for the summer. They are all way under $30 and available in all sizes. Unbeatable.

Some of my favorites look from the season at Old Navy:


I adore a dress that can take you from the beach to dinner. If you belt and accessorize this easy cotton dress then it can take you to a great night out look.



This is a fun and figure flattering top. You can eat an extra hot dog this Summer and still be comfy.


How sexy yet classic are these great tank style tops!
This top is perfect paired with tights and cute sandals.
Summer is made for stripes and denim.
These orange cotton shorts are a great punch of color for basic tops or pair it with fun prints.


Skinny Rockstar jeans for the win!



And now, Swim!


These fun two-piece suits are still available in all sizes. Forget the black suit and opt for a Summer white or a vivid yellow.

What are your Summer staples?


A Short Layered Cut and a Sassy Coat.

I’ve been obsessing about a cut and a color recently. I would like to testify. I think about hair accoutrements way more than I should and way more than I would truly like to confess. I am guilty. So a few days ago, I woke up and decided that I want shorter hair. I didn’t google the stylist or the salon. I just walked into a spot where there was parking (NYC woes)  and asked for a short layered cut. I did ask the stylist if she does cuts. I’m spur of the moment but I am not crazy. She assured me that she is versed in doing layered cuts and I submitted to the chair and the scissor. The results? I love it! She could have gone a bit shorter and my hair could have been better layered but all together, I am pleased. I would like to add that I am not overly picky or hard to please though.

Today, I picked up my daughter from school and was so happy that it wasn’t raining or freezing cold. She told me her good news. She got a solo in her school’s music performance!  (Happy Fingers). I asked her to shoot a few photos for me because the sun made me happy. She acquiesced and I happily posed for her.IMG_1049IMG_1023IMG_1018IMG_1003

Photos: Angelique R.

Summer Stripes


2015-05-26 08.02.46 HDR


Summer/Spring is here and that means we should be pulling out the stripes and denim. There is nothing more easy and carefree than throwing on a pair of comfy jeans and pairing it with a striped, cotton Tee, or shirt. An outfit like this makes me feel like I am automatically on vacation. It takes me to a mental space of the beach or a fantastic boat trip where I’m surrounded by warm blue water and fresh open breeze. Instead, I’m surrounded by concrete and city sounds but have no fear because when I am feeling nautical, I slip on some stripes.

2015-05-26 08.02.34-1

2015-05-26 08.02.35

2015-05-26 08.02.05


What are your Summer staples?

Jeans: Forever 21

Top: Old Navy 

Snow Day in New York City. #Juno

We were expecting the mother of all blizzards, instead it was just a regular snow day in New York City. I am relieved because I am not prepared nor do I want to be bothered by the catastrophe that Juno, nickname for said blizzard, would have caused. The white powdery stuff is no friend of mine but is a beloved member of Winter for my 10-year-old. She loves laying in it, rolling around in it, making snow angels…you get the picture. I want no parts of it. The sand is more of a great friend of mine.

Our Snow Day Favorites:

The morning started off with a cup of coffee from my new favorite mug. Picked it up on the after Christmas sale from Target.
The morning started off with a cup of coffee from my new favorite mug. Picked it up on the after Christmas sale from Target.
The calm of a quiet snow day.
The calm of a quiet snow day.
The digging out of the cars as yet to begin.
The digging out of the cars as yet to begin.
The cold weather calls for layers and this sweater from Old Navy is perfect for layering.
The cold weather calls for layers and this sweater from Old Navy is perfect for layering.

2015-01-27 11.18.53-1


...and yes I am wearing kid's snow boots. My daughter outgrew them but they fit me perfectly fine.
…and yes I am wearing kid’s snow boots. My daughter outgrew them but they fit me perfectly fine.
The warmest trapper hat .
The warmest trapper hat .
She insisted on tasting the snow but I cautioned her against the yellow kind.
She insisted on tasting the snow but I cautioned her against the yellow kind.

How did you spend your snow day?





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