I’m a Nastygal. Not Really but I Like Their Clothes.

Quarantine had your girl really in the “safe at home” mindset. I had no desire to leave my little safe heaven and months later, I still don’t. I guess that’s the beauty of loving the space that you are in. You don’t mind being there all the time. Me, like most of us, shopped less and ate more over the quarantine months. I only shopped for essentials like cleaning stuff and food for months but eventually the IG ads for the cutest dresses on Nastygal.com caught my eye. The prices were even more enticing and I had to place an order.

The weather was perfect so I broke out the long Macy dress on a quiet a Saturday morning for a quick event and errands.

(There is really nothing like waking up early on the weekend before the neighbors begins to move about. The only people you see outside are the early morning dog walkers. Granted, I only enjoy easy strolls when the weather is warm. The moment we feel a chill in the air, my only motive is to run as fast as I can to the subway or the car.)

Different scenery in the city, same dress.
Took full advantage of this metal wall. Perfect industrial feel.

Am I disappointed in my Nastygal dress purchases? Not at all! The quality is fantastic for the price and the selection is vast. I did not have high expectations but they exceeded them fully. (Im not an online clothes buyer because I can’t stand returning products.) I see more dresses in future for sure because of the choices and prices on Nastygal.


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