Stay Healthy and Focused to Flourish

We can all agree that these have been trying times. It can feel beyond hopeful right now. Imagine, just over eight years ago we had “hope” and we felt hopeful. Today, well, we are going day by day. We are feeling overwhelmed with fears about the pandemic, overt racism, dirty politics, dirtier politicians, global warming, and the list goes on.
So how do we focus on persevering and flourishing during this time? How do we stay aware and participate in what we believe in without depleting our mental and physical energy?

Here’s What I’m Doing:

  1. Drinking water and eating Whole Foods. Taking care of my body by taking in the very best foods possible.
    2. Exercise. My exercise not always rigorous but I make movement a part of my daily routine. I move my body and increase your heart rate for 20 minutes or more per day.
    3. Simplified my routines (beauty, self care, exercise, cleaning, home life, wardrobe). Pear it all down! I found that the more I made my surroundings simplified, the more I saw that I had much of the things that I already needed. I didn’t need to buy new clothes or home decor because I had the stuff. It was just hiding under all of the excessive stuff I already owned but also wasn’t using. I used all of my beauty products before buying new ones. This was a hard one for me.

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