Goop: New York City HQ

I’ve been a fan of the Goop Newsletter since it’s inception. I like Gwyneth Paltrow and love her evolution as an actress and human. She didn’t start the healthy lifestyle kick and crystal craze that everyone seems to be on now but we cannot ignore her contribution to the wave.

I admire the business acumen to turn a newsletter into a blog and a blog into a mini empire. I adore the Goop blog and cookbook collabs featuring Paltrow. The Goop world appears to be one dominated by women and there are even some women who look like me working within the space.

I have to admit, and this isn’t so much of a race thing as it is a socio-economic thing, a lot of the products offered on the Goop retail space is not within my economic reach. There is the Goop Glow that retails for $60 (30 packets of super powder) and a ton of beauty Goopy things that you can apply to you face that I’d love but retail for $100 and upwards. Their midi shirt dress is advertised for $695. Now, I may be able to buy some of these products but I cannot afford to buy them. It would be a great stretch. I know there are folks out there who are spending a ton on beauty creams and clothes because they do sell but it’s just not within my forcast right now. Maybe someday it will be.

What am I rambling about? Well, I stopped into Goop’s new retail store in NYC this weekend and the experience was a visual playground. Pretty products all lined up in a row. The entire store has purpose and pretty down to the pink glasses.

When you first walk into the store, you are greeted by a lush green plant, and you immediately enter the clothing space where there are a few pieces made exclusively for Goop. Then you enter dainty jewelry heaven with a few Birkin bags and a Chanel housed in a glass case. You move further back to makeup, Goop Beauty then pretty plates/cups and in the rear of the store is an actual kitchen and it’s a pretty one.


Now, if you cannot afford the Ribbed Tank for $195, I highly recommend you head over to the Goop blog and surf the well written articles in the “Beauty”, “Food”, “Style” and “Travel” sections. There are some fantastic travel suggestions for us folks who live in NYC and want quick escapes in places like the Hudson Valley and places to go to catch the Fall Foliage:




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