Wash Day Just Turned Royal.

The moment I saw the gold art on the bottles of the new Head and Shoulders line and words, “Royal Oils”, I knew that this was formulated with my hair in mind and I had to try.  Head and Shoulders has consistently formulated products made specifically for textured hair but keeping true to their formulation for what they are known for, scalp care.

Head and Shoulders sent me the full line of the “Royal Oils” products and I am so excited to try. I’ve used and loved the “Moisture Care” and “Clinical Solutions” lines so I expect nothing but the absolute best in both hair and scalp care from this new line as well.

It is truly great to have one line of products that you can reach for when caring for both your hair and scalp. It’s a perfect wash day solution.

Let’s Take a Look at the Products:

The full “Royal Oils” Line is comprised of six products ranging from shampoo/conditioner to a scalp cream.

Wash Day Routine:

You can start Wash day with the “Royal Oils” Co-Wash. it’s a gentle option for cleaning your hair and scalp if you don’t have much product build up.
If you use as much hair gel and products as I do then you may opt for a deeper clean with the “Royal Oils” shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo cleans and the conditioner restores any moisture you may lose from washing.
You feel great now because your hair and scalp are both shining . Next, let’s put some strength and moisture to your hair and strand with the “Deep Moisture Masque.” Penetrate your hair and strands with the masque and let it sit. The jar said let I sit for a few minutes but I’m a let it sit for about an hour type of girl
Finally, follow up with some “Scalp Cream” or “Scalp Elixir” before the braids, two strand twists or before you put in products for your leave out. The Elixir and Cream are both very light so they will not wright down the hair and cause your styles to not have bounce


Respect The Crown: https://www.headandshoulders.com/en-us/shop-products/royal-oils-collection

Head & Shoulders


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