Curlbox Natural: True by Made Beautiful

The most recent Curlbox Natural box has been dubbed the “Bohemian Summer Box”. Who doesn’t love a Bohemian girl with free flowing curls? The box went on sale at and sold for $40. It’s a great deal because of the five full sized products that fill the box. The incredible True by Made Beautiful products are free of sulfates, parabens and silicones. I know that this is key for many curly girls but is not really a priority for me. I figured the sale of the box as a great time to try the “curly girl” styling products for the month of August and see if I really see a difference in my hair’s health.

The True products have a great fruity scent. It is infused with shea, honey, coconut and mango. There is a full line of products in your box to cleanse and style your curls. The co-wash was good but I have not been using a load of gels or styling products in my hair so there is not much to cleanse. I fear that if I go heavy on the gels then I may have to grab a bottle of shampoo. Overall, the line is great. I’m very pleased that I can use it on my daughter’s hair as well. I adore the leave-in-conditioner and the hydrating hair butter. Your curls are defined and left shiny with very little effort. (Oh, I did add some natural oil along with the hair butter for added shine. I placed a natural oil on my wet hair along with the hair butter and my curls dried defined and oh so soft.)


The signature Curlbox mag card with information about the products that you get in your box.



The “Curl Refresher”, “Hair Butter” and “Treatment Masque”.
The “Co-Wash” and “Leave-In”.
The full line-up of products from the Curlbox Natural.
IMG_2207 (1)
Le Curls.
I love air drying my hair in the Summer.
Hair that is about 90% air dried.
Wet Hair. You can already see the curls formed from the “Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner” and “Hair Butter” being applied. Then you wait to air dry.
Sitting with the “Insense Treatment Masque” after the co-wash. 




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