What’s In My Weekend Bag?

  I have “work” bags and I have “weekend” bags. My work bags are normally large totes that can probably hold and carry a small child. My work bag carries a laptop at times and is compartmentalized using a bag organizer insert that I can easily take out of one bag and place in another….

I Need to Feel Like Kanye.

I’ve been living in my black high waist H&M jeans. I added a rip in both knees because it looks cool. I know older people who ask me all the time if I really pay for clothing with rips and tears ALREADY in them. It’s an old folk joke and it gets me every time….

Ode to Old Navy.

Old Navy is one of my absolutely favorite stores. I get the essentials for myself and my daughter there for all seasons. The prices are always right for me and they keep on trend with all of the top brands all while keeping things very classic. The classic pieces are always great with bold accessories….

Weekend in Cincinnati.

My sister and her family live in Ohio. I know, doesn’t sound so exciting because we hail from the hustle and bustle of NYC. We visited for the weekend so that our little ones can get together and spend some quality time beyond FaceTime. It is nice to be away from the rat race and…