Spring Outerwear: Blazer/Jacket Moment

It’s not warm enough for wearing only your shirts and tees but not cold enough for a coat. What’s a girl to do? Dig deep into your closet and pull out your light jackets and blazers. I know, it’s been a long winter but Mother Nature seems to be in a great mood and is shining down on us with her sun rays. There is nothing like the sun’s energy. Face it, the grey days have really left us all in a slump and now is the perfect time to park the car and walk to work. Linger outside a little longer. Meander. Buy an ice cream cone and get the sprinkles on top. Live.


Green Jacket: Gap

Blue Blazer: Forever 21

Photos: Angelique R.

Statement Coat: Do Something Different

Mixing the old and the new, high and the low is essential in building style. No one should be wrapped in one bran or one trend. It makes for a look that does not strike interesting or feel authentic. I love a mix of textures and prints. I am a sucker for wearing all thing black so that can get a bit boring if there  isn’t something interesting happening.



For me, in the wintertime, there is something to be said for having a great coat that you might not see on everyone else. The bigger, warmer and Sofer the better. I recently picked up this long, black velvet feel coat at L Train Vintage. It was the only one in store so I probably won’t see anyone else in NYC swagging out in my coat. The trend has been loads of leopard prints, faux furs and teddy bear coats on all of IG and the blogs.


Quite frankly, the Social Media has caused for a complete overload when it comes to the ways trends are presented by influencers and bloggers. Even though the influencers are all different, the trends ALL look the SAME. Damn Gina! This NYC girl needs some type of variety from said influencers. Swag up and deliver that leopard or teddy bear coat in a different way.

P.S. I’m no influencer so the coat just went over what I wore to work on Friday and I drafted my 13-year-old to take these pics. I wear what’s comfortable but I love seeing great style. It’s like moving art.

Coat: L Train Vintage; Sweater: Forever 21; Black Tee: Old Navy; Blue Jeans: H&M; Leather Bootie: Sears



Sweater Dress and Boots: Must Have for Fall

The air is getting crisp and the leaves are the color of mother nature’s sun when it sets.  The beauty of Fall is that it’s not freezing cold or burning up hot. The temperature feels just right for cozy sweaters, boots, tall socks, long scarves. You get the picture!

One trend that I’ve been loving this season is the sweater dress (loose, not super tight) and tall boots. The look is perfect for the girls who brunch, a weeknight date or weekend out with the girls. It’s sexy but doesn’t look like you are trying too hard.


This French Connection cable trim sweater dress is perfect for the season and its cashmere blend. Swoon. www.frenchconnection.com


If you prefer to do a pair of booties then feel free to pair it with your sweater dress.


Leave it to Zara to keep it funky. You’ve got to have swag to carry this look. www.zara.com


Give the weekend the cold shoulder in this cool cut-out. www.forever21.com


This is a casual yet sexy look. She is giving modern Bridgette Bardot feels in this blush tone. www.forever21.com 


Max Azria gets it right. www.bcbg.com
Drumroll for this oh, so perfect cable knit sweater dress. Brought to you by one of our favorite retailers, Target! The look is right and the price is right. (Praise Dance). www.target.com




I Need to Feel Like Kanye.

I’ve been living in my black high waist H&M jeans. I added a rip in both knees because it looks cool. I know older people who ask me all the time if I really pay for clothing with rips and tears ALREADY in them. It’s an old folk joke and it gets me every time. I’m a fan of holes and worn out looking clothing. I won’t pay an exorbitant amount for it though. That would just be silly. It makes me feel very rock-star, very hip when there is a hole or two in my outfit. I need to feel like Kanye when my 9 to 5 and mom days become overwhelming.

2014-12-17 16.52.15
When in doubt, opt for denim and a classic white shirt. You can never go wrong.
The black and camel coat and nude sandals are perfectly paired.
2014-12-17 17.04.20
I know it’s cold and a leather jacket may not be enough but nothing looks cooler with ripped jeans than leather.
2014-12-17 17.03.23
Greys and blacks are no fail. This faux leather sac is perfect for slinging on your back, leaving your hands free for browsing the racks or hold your little ones hand when walking.

What key pieces have you been living in for the past few months?

Chanel Inspired Bag via Forever 21

Every girl needs a stylish, yet small shoulder bag that can take them from day into night. Normally I like to spend a few dollars in order to get a durable leather bag that will last me for a couple of years but every now and then I score a non leather find at the right price that has the right style. I recently found this chic little Chanel inspired, black, quilted shoulder bag at Forever 21. The bag is just big enough to hold a small purse, phone and car keys. It is stylish and looks a lot procure than the twenty dollars that I paid for it. I can take it to the gym, brunch and for a night out. It goes with everything, including gym clothes (which the NY girls seem to be obsessed with right now).

The black quilted bag from Forever 21 along with my favorite Foster Grant sunglasses, the Vintage style.
The black quilted bag from Forever 21 along with my favorite Foster Grant sunglasses, the Vintage style.

2015-06-29 15.17.02


Yoga pants and top from The Gap. Sneakers from Nike.
Yoga pants and top from The Gap. Sneakers from Nike.

Instagram: @Forever21 @Foster_Grant_Sunglasses


Summer Stripes


2015-05-26 08.02.46 HDR


Summer/Spring is here and that means we should be pulling out the stripes and denim. There is nothing more easy and carefree than throwing on a pair of comfy jeans and pairing it with a striped, cotton Tee, or shirt. An outfit like this makes me feel like I am automatically on vacation. It takes me to a mental space of the beach or a fantastic boat trip where I’m surrounded by warm blue water and fresh open breeze. Instead, I’m surrounded by concrete and city sounds but have no fear because when I am feeling nautical, I slip on some stripes.

2015-05-26 08.02.34-1

2015-05-26 08.02.35

2015-05-26 08.02.05


What are your Summer staples?

Jeans: Forever 21

Top: Old Navy 

Loving and Lusting: The Black Ripped Knee Jean

Just when you thought a pair of skinny black jean could get no better, our favorite bloggers and personalities add the edge of ripped knees. Would I wear it to the office? No. However, it is perfect for the night out with a great fun top or blazer. It is also perfect for those casual weekends paired with your favorite comfy tee shirt. Whatever you want to do with it is completely up to you. There are no limits with this fun trend. I suggest copping an inexpensive pair from a brand like Forever 21 or TopShop and rip your own knees. You can get into the more high end brand like Asos or JBrand if you want the knees ripped for you. Whatever you do, enjoy!

The black and camel coat and nude sandals are perfectly paired.
The black and camel coat and nude sandals are perfectly paired.


When Only a Leather Jacket and sunglasses Will Do. #Forever21 #FosterGrantSunglasses

I’m a fan of all things black. My wardrobe staples all come in the color black. My favorite jacket, dress, pants and sunglasses are all black. I fit perfectly into the milieu of New York City. When I find myself enjoying the sun in Miami Beach, I am that solo New York Chick rocking all black. May I add that this does not bother me…Lol. Lets take a look at some of my closet favorites.

My Closet Favorites: Thigh High Black Boots, Black Sunglasses (Foster Grant), and Black Pleather Jacket (Forever 21

Angelina Lipman photographed by John Ricard, 917 848 4197

Angelina Lipman photographed by John Ricard, 917 848 4197

Angelina Lipman photographed by John Ricard, 917 848 4197

Angelina Lipman photographed by John Ricard, 917 848 4197


Photos: John Ricard

IG: @Johnricard

Sunglasses(Foster Grant’s Twitter): @FosterGrantUSA

Jacket (Forever 21’s Twitter): @Forever21

Jeans (Gap’s Twitter): @Gap

2014-11-11 14.25.06 2014-11-11 14.25.39 2014-11-11 14.26.45

Photos: Angelique Ricard

IG: @MermaidAngelique

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