P.O.I.S.E : 5 Steps to Economic Empowerment

What does “P.O.I.S.E” mean?

Fruit is a symbol of prosperity and life.
Keep fresh flowers in your home. Replenish weekly of needed.

We know the traditional definition meaning a gracefullness or elegance seen in a person but in this case P.O.I.S.E is an acronym for how one can strive for achieving a more financially gainful life. Money is not everything but it is essential to life, not just here in America, but anywhere life takes you. Speaking of America, we can agree that she has her faults as a country but when it comes to the ability to create opportunity, she wins.

Immigrants have been flocking to America for centuries because it is the place where dreams can come true. The entrepreneurs who made millions and billions in America have become legends in ether own right worldwide. How do you get a piece of the pie: P.O.I.S.E. is the answer.

5 Steps to Economic Power:

P- Producer. You have to be a producer, not just a consumer- the person buying. Producers have the ability to create products that consumers want and is a way to create cashflow.

O-Ownership. Become an owner. Home ownership is one of the easiest way to gain economic empowerment in America. Real estate rarely loses value, it gains tremendous value over time.

I-Investor. Invest in the stock market. Stock ownership is a good way to have partial ownership in some of your favorite companies or some of the most profitable companies in the world. Get a share.

S-Saver. Save a great percent (10 or 20%) of the money that you make! You cannot spend everything that you make for if you do then you will constantly be broke. It does not matter if you make a ton of money if you do not keep any of it.

E-Entrepreneurship. Most of us will probably work jobs and are working jobs right this very minute. BTW, Don’t let anyone tell you to quit your day job without having a viable way to support you and your family. Working a Job can be fulfilling and serves as a great way to use the skills that you have so that you stay sharp. Working a job is also a good way to gain new skills necessary for growth; however, it’s important to know how to also be an individual who can create jobs as well. That is an entrepreneur, a job producer.

Tell me what you think of the tips below in the comment section. How do you create economic power?


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