Comfortably Cool: Rachel Roy’s “Design Your Life.”

I happened to stumble on Rachel Roy’s style book titled, “Design Your Life” at a local store and contemplated if I wanted to buy the book (the sale price was really a steal). It has been some time since I’ve purchased a “style” book. I used to love the “How To” and “Style” books and magazines when I was in High School but not really interested in the genre now as an adult. Well, I may have to revisit my High School interests because this book was really good! I especially enjoyed the beginning of the book where Roy talks about visualizing and manifesting the life you want by first starting where you are with what you have. This is a lesson that everyone needs to be reminded of at every stage in life.

After reading the chapter, “Comfortably Cool”, I decided I would construct a post using Roy’s own words about everyday dress and styling because I think this is an area that many women struggle to master. These these are Roy’s own words of advice for everyday dress:

“When you go out into the world, I’m a firm believer that it’s important to present the sharpest, brightest, best version of yourself- whether you’re shopping for groceries or giving a career changing presentation.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re taking your kids to the playground or working on deadline behind a desk…The truth of the matter is, that’s a difficult job to undertake in worn out stretch pant’s and your lover’s sweatshirts. If you truly aspire to be successful in all areas   of your life, be it business, relationships, motherhood, or friendships, it’s important to look and feel the part of a strong, loving, powerful, organized woman.”

“Hitting that stride can be easier than you think.”


The Guide to Casual Chic

“Toss the tracksuit and put on a midi dress and leggings. The dress I choose is always made from a relaxed fabric with some stretch…Choose a dress that has buttons that run the length of the dress, undo them from the upper leg to create a high slit. This gives the illusion of showing leg, allowing for a youthful feel.”

“Bye bye hoodie and hello leather or faux leather motorcycle jacket. A leather motorcycle jacket is easily thrown over dresses or trousers alike.”

Ditch the flip flops for a laceless slip on sneaker. “They work seamlessly for a polished look even though you’re wearing sneakers.”

Keep it hands for with a cross-body bag or a giant tote. However, backpacks are a timeless solution to the hands free problem.





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