Accomplishing Small Goals Lead to Obtaining Bigger Ones

Do you see the pajamas I’m wearing in these pictures? They seem like no big deal, only pajamas, but in reality they signify me making a very small goal and grabbing hold of it in a very short period of time.


I made a goal of purging my lounge wear and night wear drawer and ridding it of all of the old tattered tee shirts and tights that I normally  lounged around the house in and wore to bed. I tossed most all of it before I went out to buy matching pajamas and lounge wear. Now, I have to think of expense. I didn’t want to just go out and spend a bunch of cash on new pajamas and lounge wear so I had to get creative.

The universe works in an insane way because whatever we LOOK for we tend to FIND. I went into Target and wasn’t looking for lounge wear but saw great pieces on sale. I picked up a top and pants. I went into Primark on a separate date and saw an enormous selection of the prettiest pajamas at a great price normally but even better prices on sale. I once again hit the sales rack and picked up a few pieces. Over the course of under 3 months, I was able to pick up sale pieces at Primark and able to add at least 4 sets to my new wardrobe for well under 50 dollars.

Lesson. The goals that you set, no matter how small, are important in making your life better. If it makes your life better to take care of your health, then eat better and exercise. Do a little bit everyday. If you need to look better, find pieces that look great on you and look for those pieces when your favorite store has a sale. The small goals matter. They train your brain in knowing that you can do whatever you put your mind and actions to. You don’t just think about it to manifest it, you have to do the things necessary to accomplish goals, big or small.

Pajamas: Primark



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