Improve Your Environment; Improve Your Life.



Do you notice how different you feel when you are on vacation versus when you are at home? Many may seek rest and relaxation away from home because home may not really  ring on a feel of relaxation and rest. Most of us are on the grind. Whether it be a nine to five or you running your own mini empire. It all takes work.


Truthfully, we can wait until we are on vacation or in a space away from home to create our solace or “dream life.” Here are some ways that I’ve improved my environment so that I feel solace everyday in my own spaces:

1) My Home- I’ve created an art wall that is visible as soon as you enter my home. The wall is a source of inspiration and it reminds me of beauty and gives me a reason to work hard. I keep shared spaces (living room, kitchen and bathroom) tidy all through the week.


2) My Clothes- I’ve streamlined my wardrobe for winter. I love and wear blacks, greys, greens and browns. I have a uniform of sorts. A great slim denim, riding boots, blazer and long sleeve tee or sweater. I love Adrienne Bailon’s looks and I copy her sometimes. Copy the right cat!


3) My Car- This is simple. I don’t keep a lot of clutter in my car. I clear it out at least once a week.

4) Food I Eat- Now we are navigating into choppy waters. I eat well. I eat good food. Problem is I eat too much of said food. I have to learn to push away from the table earlier than I currently do now.


Takeaway. Apply some rules to your life that moves you closer to achieving your happiness within your very own space.





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