New Showrooms: Red Hook Ikea Edition

There is nothing better than a lazy Sunday afternoon trip to Ikea! We make it our mission to walk through the entire showroom and then through the Marketplace. There is something to see in every corner and every step I take moves me closer to filling my big yellow Ikea bag with Norwegian goodies.

Our visit is never early so we never get a nice, neat Ikea showroom presentation. By the time we make it there on a Sunday afternoon or evening, all of Red Hook Brooklyn has already mussed with the pillows and tussled the sofa seats. The beauty and the curse of New York is the hectic pace and loads of people everywhere. Even though the showroom pieces were not in the best of shape, they were beautiful nonetheless.

Take a look at my favorite showroom moments:

This gallery wall is perfectly done. I love the mismatched shapes and sizes on the frames. 
Angelique contributing to the mussing up of showroom sofas. How comfy do those pillows look?
I love this faux cow print foot stool. 
Where in the world? If this does not inspire you to travel then nothing will. Take your travel photos out of the album and pin them to your wall.
Pretty in Pink. I would normally not veer towards an entire sofa unit done in a soft pink but this works.


The green sofas and wooden chandelier really brings an earthy vibe to the room.

This wall unit is giving me an Italian Lacquer feel, which is not my speed, but the earthy accessories work with the piece.
My favorite!! The kitchen!! (In my Oprah Voice). Grey and stainless steel. It’s a winning combination.
But for real though, I’ve said it before, wooden cabinets are timeless.
The girl and I. Can you spy my yellow Ikea bag?




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