Photo Walk: Apple Store Downtown Brooklyn

It’s Saturday, 2:30pm and 50 degrees in January, in a usually blistery Brooklyn, NY. The warm weather really brings the entire borough out. It’s a great time to vibe, walk and really take in all of the great sights (architecture, colors, flavors) and sounds of Brooklyn. That is exactly what we did a bit of in Fort Greene with Apple, Downtown Brooklyn. We strolled around BAM, past historic brownstones and landmarks in Downtown Brooklyn, all while taking tips from two pros from Apple.

My Favorite Images From The Photo Walk: 

Pretty girls lined up all in a row. I have loved these faces for so very long and longed to have a piece hang on my wall. The brilliant artist is Alanaine.
The strokes and minimal colors used give the work maximum feel.
She pulls me in the most.
The artist, Raquel Diaz created these black and white reminds me of sketches made using coal on white paper.
Don’t you feel like you know him?
The Shooters.
How we get around.
Brooklyn Institutions.
This was once perfect but the Knicks and dents makes it one of a kind now.
Who doesn’t love a red door.



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