Holiday Wrap Up

It always feels like we anticipate Christmas and the December holiday season for months yet when they do they come, they tend to leave us briskly. There is something to be said for awaiting Christmas morning and remembering the joy you felt as a kid. I don’t know many adults who have the same anticipation as they had in their childhood days but that’s normal.

Hopefully as adults we are serving as givers of joy to those who may need it, to adults and children alike.

This smile did not come from possessing a material “thing”, it came from being surrounded by unconditional love and the joy of others around her.
The older I get, the less material things I need and the more I seek intrinsic feelings of contentment and peace. Love/Peace and Happiness. Candles: DW Home

The smiles this holiday season should truly come from our interactions with people and from new experiences. A soft plush pillow doesn’t hurt either. Pillow: Nordstrom Rack Tassel: Dollar Tree


But when we do give, give with a good heart.

Our elf came in the form of a preteen (almost teen) girl this year.



We loved lounging and opening presents Christmas morning in our Hanes, men’s pajamas. It’s super comfy, warm but breathable and the solid grey color is perfect for adding your red or green Christmas accessories.

The holidays were spent at home, very much in the comfort of the bed or the couch. There was no better way to spend the days. Well, the beach is always a good idea but this is NYC so it’s not in the cards for me. Maybe next year.

Photos: John Ricard



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