African Women Create

I’m going to be very honest with you. I have never been in a room surrounded by women from all regions of Africa before. I am Black and surrounded by Black women, mainly from North America and the Caribbean.However, in my 40-years on this planet, I have never been in a social setting with women who wear names like “Ngosi” and speak with accents that bear a flavor of British and Xhosa vibes. Well, it happened on Saturday, May 20th. There I was in a room, by myself, surrounded by magic. I rarely go to events alone but the idea of a potluck and the gathering of creative women drew me to attend. The potluck told me that there might be a communal and family feel to the event and there would be no need to put on airs of importance.  You always get me with the word, “creative.” I have been on my own personal quest in pursuit of my own creativity so I found this event to be the perfect marriage.

I follow this amazingly beautiful and lively woman on Instagram named, Yolanda Sangweni. She is the Digital Content Director at Essence Magazine and founder of Afripop Magazine. Talk about a creative! She graciously hosted the African Women Create event in a most spiritual and IG picture poppin’ yoga studio in Brooklyn, named Minka. The rubber plants and greenery were so freaking dope. All of the crystals, incense, rose water and candles had my chakra in alignment and I was all feels.


Wait, did I mention that there was a mixologist whipping up some delicious cocktails. Well yes, Witches Brew came through and concocted heavenly, natural juices mixed with your choice of top shelf goodies.  


Here is Nucomme from Witches Brew doing her thing!


The potluck setup.


A beachy feel in the middle of Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn.
You feel automatically aligned and clear.
Yolanda thanking all of the ladies for gathering together.


There was a DJ that spun afrobeat all night long.





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  1. “There I was in a room, by myself, surrounded by magic” as you said that it reminded me of Jesse Williams speech, “Just Because We’re Magic, Does Not Mean We’re Not Real”
    Almost forgot about that speech until just now… #WeMustKnowOurHeritage #BlackIsStrength

    — Bless

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