An Evening at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Picture this…a beautiful Friday evening, the weather is a perfect mix of Summer and Fall. You are near the water and walking under the massive Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn Bridge Park is the perfect place tucked away in DUMBO, Brooklyn. DUMBO means Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass just in case you were wondering. The park has become the place where photo enthusiasts have converged upon in order to get the perfect shots of sunsets and the most amazing backdrops. There is nothing more majestic than the bridges that link Manhattan and Brooklyn together. If you visit, you will see photographers taking pictures of beautiful brides, girls dressed up for quinceaneras or just that best friend trying to get the right shot for their bestie to post on the interwebs.

Let’s take a look at my recent visit to Brooklyn Bridge Park:


The first thing we did was walk to the carousel. You can ride on one of the most beautiful carousels in the city for 2 bucks. Jane’s Carousel is gorgeous and encased in glass to keep it protected from some of the elements. It makes you feel like a Parisian while in BK.
The view of the Manhattan Bridge. You can only stand, take a moment and breathe in the beauty.
After the carousel, Angelique played for a bit but whenever she gets a chance to practice her handstand or split she takes it.
Next we explored Photoville which is an exhibit that is currently being displayed at Brooklyn Bridge Park. There are large, majestic images displayed around the park but the main exhibit can be seen pop up  style in shipping trucks. Amazing.
One of the exhibits at Photoville included old “mugshots” of women during the 20s and 30s in Brooklyn. I thought it so interesting that all of the women were so well dressed and the coats were lovely. LOL. Don’t ask me why I thought that interesting.
The view of the Brooklyn Bridge as the sun starts to go down.
It’s time to head out of DUMBO but not before looking up to take a peek of the budding sunset.
Finally, there it is. This is a shot that I took while driving home in the car. Looks like fire.



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