Athleisure: Ivy Park Collection at $40 and Under

So, here I am waiting patiently for the Ivy Park collection to go on sale at but alas it is July and not a drop in price in sight. What’s a girl to do? Shop $40 and under and choose some key pieces that will stay in your workout/wear-out (to brunch) collection for some time. I avoid trends and stick to classic colors and styles when I am shopping nonsale items . It is here that I will skip the scarlet reds or canary yellows and choose the noirs and grays.

Key Pieces from the Ivy Park Collection for $40 and Under: 


V-Back Mesh Bra- $36


Armhole Tank $25


Great Deal!! Full Length Jogger $40




The Classic Beanie $25


Because it’s Blue and we love Baby Blue. If you are a girl who loves color then this blue crop top is perfect. $35



Happy Shopping! Don’t forget to stay within YOUR budget.




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