Skin Like the Night



In the dark silent of the night

we hear the rustle of the leaves.

The night sky speaks and it seems just to me.

The night seeks answers for all the ills that appear to me.

It seeks answers from society.

Answers for why we continue to fear those who look like the night.

Those who look like me.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself they say

but the fear they feel causes a trigger happy stance.

Shoot first, ask questions last.

But they only hold the motto true with one class…well really only one race…and one sex.

That’s all.

To have skin like the night and have eyes like the stars.

Hair standing high like the sun and whose heritage transcends historians.

Why fear beauty? Why fear the dark?

Yes, All Lives Matter but not until Black men are no longer used as marks.


(I used to journal and write poems all throughout high school and some parts of college. I remember being moved by the riots in LA after the verdict in the Rodney King case and I wrote after that. Violence and hate are never the answer. I would hope as a society we would all know that by now but many people are so deep and entrenched in hatred and within this hatred comes the fear. Fear causes us to not see each other and if we cannot see each other then we cannot feel for each other. Sending love and light to all of those who need it and for those who are lost in hatred and fear.)



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