What We Can Learn From DJ Khaled’s Keys.


DJ Khaled has risen from your favorite producer and DJ to the King of Snapchat. He has made the word “They” commonplace and everyone now understands what and who “they” are. “They” are the naysayers, the back biters, the people who don’t want you to succeed or see you shine. Khaled warns us to:

Stay away from “They”.

Secure Your “Bag”.

What is your “bag”? Your Bag is your source of income or the money that you make. Your Bag is your cheddar, your coins, your Benjamins. Securing your Bag is great advice.Whether you are self-employed or working a 9 to 5 it is crucial that your source of income is ever flowing and if you are really a boss you should have multiple sources of revenue. One source is no way to Secure Your Bag.

Cloth Talk

“Cloth” is translated as the major moves that you make with the major players in your life. The Cloth Talk are the conversations that you have where you might learn about strategies that are used in order to Secure Your Bag. We often learn about employment, savings strategies or investments from people we are friends or family with. Securing a circle of knowledgeable people around you is crucial in order to learn about potentially financial lucrative advice.

Overall, DJ Khaled provides us (and more so himself) daily motivation and thanksgiving for all of the blessings that he has worked so hard to secure. He often highlights the many artists that he’s worked with and has constant contact with his fans for “Fan Love” meetups. Khaled is happy and exudes the qualities that are endearing and we want to see him “win, win, win no matter what.” (I had to do that). If you can sift through the sayings that might be a little hard to get at times, without a doubt, DJ Khaled is dropping keys on Snapchat and beyond. He has used the medium to garner a whole new level of success.

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Great New York Times Q and A Interview: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/15/magazine/dj-khaled-is-extra-careful-around-beyonce.html




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