Macaron Monday.

On our visit to the Tribeca Family Festival this year, we stumbled on the Macaron Cafe. Well, I stumbled on it and I was the only one excited about the find. Macarons have always been a French dessert staple but it is  making a boom on American soil. Macarons are becoming an American staple. It is giving the Apple Pie a run for it’s money. The delicate, flaky outer cookie shell holds together a perfect creamy middle flavored with natural vanilla, chocolate, caramel….the list goes on. I just named some of my favorites. The Macaron Cafe is not too small but not overwhelmingly big. You feel like you have been transported to a French cafe. The menu is filled with French fares. The fresh crepes are being made by order, big and flaky croissants are on display but the star of the show, the macarons, are moving like hotcakes. I made my purchase of 6 macarons and enjoyed each one as I took in the flavor of Tribeca. Before leaving, I thought to take some home for my girlfriends because they deserve a little Tribeca mixed with Paris too. My friend Yolanda decided it would be a great idea to do something special on Mondays to start the work week. This Monday will be Macaron Monday. Now, I can’t wait for what next Monday will bring.

2015-04-25 17.22.39

2015-04-25 17.10.35

2015-04-25 17.20.48
You can customize your very own macaron tower for special events.



Another one of my favorites, croissants!
Another one of my favorites, croissants!
Charming illustration.
Charming illustration for the Macaron Cafe.
Rows of delicious flavors.
Rows of delicious flavors.
My Macarons.
My macaron purchase for my dear friends. Is there a better gift for the girls? Nope. I think not.

IG: @MacaronCafe

Fantastic street fair put on by the folks from The Tribeca Film Festival.
Fantastic street fair put on by the folks from The Tribeca Film Festival.

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