Summer Mani/Pedi Requirement: White Polish.

I got on this Summer trend a bit late but am I ever glad I opted to try the white nail polish. I’ve always thought white polish looked like “White Out”, yes, I’m referring to Liquid Paper. I’ve seen a few manicures done in white and I admit, I really like it. The white polish compliments a Summer tan and if you are wearing diamonds on your digits, do yourself a favor and polish your nails white. The clarity and shine of the diamonds paired with the white polish…..stunningly pretty.

I’ll be in LA soon and I plan on stopping by Melody Ehsani a wicked manicure and some rings and things for the pretty fingers.



Pintrest Image
Pintrest Image
Melody Ehsani /NCLA Nail Wrap
Melody Ehsani /NCLA Nail Wrap
The Candy Paint Nail Bar at Melody Ehsani
The Candy Paint Nail Bar at Melody Ehsani

IG: @MelodyEhsani


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