Comfortably Cool: Rachel Roy’s “Design Your Life.”

I happened to stumble on Rachel Roy’s style book titled, “Design Your Life” at a local store and contemplated if I wanted to buy the book (the sale price was really a steal). It has been some time since I’ve purchased a “style” book. I used to love the “How To” and “Style” books and magazines when I was in High School but not really interested in the genre now as an adult. Well, I may have to revisit my High School interests because this book was really good! I especially enjoyed the beginning of the book where Roy talks about visualizing and manifesting the life you want by first starting where you are with what you have. This is a lesson that everyone needs to be reminded of at every stage in life.

After reading the chapter, “Comfortably Cool”, I decided I would construct a post using Roy’s own words about everyday dress and styling because I think this is an area that many women struggle to master. These these are Roy’s own words of advice for everyday dress:

“When you go out into the world, I’m a firm believer that it’s important to present the sharpest, brightest, best version of yourself- whether you’re shopping for groceries or giving a career changing presentation.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re taking your kids to the playground or working on deadline behind a desk…The truth of the matter is, that’s a difficult job to undertake in worn out stretch pant’s and your lover’s sweatshirts. If you truly aspire to be successful in all areas   of your life, be it business, relationships, motherhood, or friendships, it’s important to look and feel the part of a strong, loving, powerful, organized woman.”

“Hitting that stride can be easier than you think.”


The Guide to Casual Chic

“Toss the tracksuit and put on a midi dress and leggings. The dress I choose is always made from a relaxed fabric with some stretch…Choose a dress that has buttons that run the length of the dress, undo them from the upper leg to create a high slit. This gives the illusion of showing leg, allowing for a youthful feel.”

“Bye bye hoodie and hello leather or faux leather motorcycle jacket. A leather motorcycle jacket is easily thrown over dresses or trousers alike.”

Ditch the flip flops for a laceless slip on sneaker. “They work seamlessly for a polished look even though you’re wearing sneakers.”

Keep it hands for with a cross-body bag or a giant tote. However, backpacks are a timeless solution to the hands free problem.




Shades of Grey

As I sat in the living room facing the bay window at around the time when the sun begins to set, it was only then that I realized that this room that I inhabited always has the best light in the house.

There are times, right before the sun sets,  when the sun shines in so intensely that you may feel the heat radiating and your eyes strain to see the television from any angle because of the bright glare that the sun gives off. I don’t fight the heat and glare. I make it my business to bask in it for this really is the most sublime time of day.


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Accomplishing Small Goals Lead to Obtaining Bigger Ones

Do you see the pajamas I’m wearing in these pictures? They seem like no big deal, only pajamas, but in reality they signify me making a very small goal and grabbing hold of it in a very short period of time.


I made a goal of purging my lounge wear and night wear drawer and ridding it of all of the old tattered tee shirts and tights that I normally  lounged around the house in and wore to bed. I tossed most all of it before I went out to buy matching pajamas and lounge wear. Now, I have to think of expense. I didn’t want to just go out and spend a bunch of cash on new pajamas and lounge wear so I had to get creative.

The universe works in an insane way because whatever we LOOK for we tend to FIND. I went into Target and wasn’t looking for lounge wear but saw great pieces on sale. I picked up a top and pants. I went into Primark on a separate date and saw an enormous selection of the prettiest pajamas at a great price normally but even better prices on sale. I once again hit the sales rack and picked up a few pieces. Over the course of under 3 months, I was able to pick up sale pieces at Primark and able to add at least 4 sets to my new wardrobe for well under 50 dollars.

Lesson. The goals that you set, no matter how small, are important in making your life better. If it makes your life better to take care of your health, then eat better and exercise. Do a little bit everyday. If you need to look better, find pieces that look great on you and look for those pieces when your favorite store has a sale. The small goals matter. They train your brain in knowing that you can do whatever you put your mind and actions to. You don’t just think about it to manifest it, you have to do the things necessary to accomplish goals, big or small.

Pajamas: Primark


Finding the Right Vehicle for Success

The term “vehicle” is defined as a thing used to express, embody, or fulfill something. In the game of success and gaining financial freedom, finding the right vehicle is the most important component in moving towards that goal. The right vehicle moves you towards that success quicker and in a more efficient way. Face it, you may want to gain the world and everything in it but without the right knowledge and vehicle, it won’t happen. Quite  frankly, you can have all the knowledge, know all the things but if you invest your time in a business or an industry that no one cares about or have no need for them your vehicle is wrong and you cannot move towards attaining your goals.

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Would you consider opening a Blockbuster video store today? Blockbusters were extremely successful all through the 1990s, for sure people still need Blockbuster video stores today right? Wrong. Blockbuster video might have been the right vehicle in 1990 but in 2019, there is no one who needs the services of a Blockbuster Video. The vehicle is not necessary nor is it viable in 2019. You wouldn’t choose it.

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Be just as vigilant when you are choosing a vehicle today. What is the projection for the service? Will people need the services for the vehicle you are choosing now in 10 years? Read about industry trends and study the area that you want to make an investment in for it is vital to your overall success and longevity.

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Prosperity Consciousness


How do you achieve success? It’s an age old questions and millions of books have been written on the subject. There are as many recipes as there are books on becoming successful. If you read the texts and study the principles you find that they all have a common thread- success comes through your thoughts before it is materialized.

The Wright Brothers had to have the idea or mental image of flying or flight before discovering and airplane.

In truth, we now have millions of memes and your aunt sends you those Facebook Messenger posts about the power of positive thinking. It can feel inundating at times to see the same ole sayings that become popular on social media but your success actually does start first with your thoughts.


Prosperity Consciousness

To garner success, first see yourself in the space mentally where you are successful. We are surrounded by abundance and all that we need and all of the intelligence that we crave is in the here and now. There never has been and never will be a lack of anything. We have to keep in mind that all that we are we can become. Conquer your mind and form a clear image of what a successful you looks like.

Start seeing yourself in minds eye or in possession of whatever you desire most.

What do you desire most? what does success look like you?


Start a Mastermind Group to Improve Your Productivity

Well, are you guys still as motivated as you were at the top of the year or when you first wrote down that goal to change your life from what it is now where you know it can be? I know, staying motivated is tough. Not gonna sugarcoat it because it is. I struggle with staying consistent and motivated but I find that the one thing that keeps me accountable, more so than my accountability partner, is to write down your daily goals. Consistency is important because it helps to improve your productivity.

One Tip to Help Your Stay Productive:

Create a Mastermind Group with one to two motivated, powerful, bright, creative go-getters that you know. They don’t have to be the CEO or Founder of any groups or organizations (if you get some of those people then that is extremely cool) in order to be productive and informative. It is important that the folks you are creating and sharing with are LIKE MINDED. Having similar goals and motivations is the key to a successful and fruitful Mastermind Group.

Meet over FaceTime or Skype once a week to discuss a specific goal that he/she worked on the week prior to the phone meeting. Give each person a specific amount of time during the phone sessions to discuss or brainstorm regarding their specific goals.



My daily goals are written down on paper, re-evaluated at the close of the day and measured to see if the goal has been accomplished or not. There is just a magic in seeing things in writing. I feel extremely guilty if the goals that I write down are not completed. If guilting works then guilt away.

According to Forbes:

7 Reasons To Join A Mastermind Group


Improve Your Environment; Improve Your Life.



Do you notice how different you feel when you are on vacation versus when you are at home? Many may seek rest and relaxation away from home because home may not really  ring on a feel of relaxation and rest. Most of us are on the grind. Whether it be a nine to five or you running your own mini empire. It all takes work.


Truthfully, we can wait until we are on vacation or in a space away from home to create our solace or “dream life.” Here are some ways that I’ve improved my environment so that I feel solace everyday in my own spaces:

1) My Home- I’ve created an art wall that is visible as soon as you enter my home. The wall is a source of inspiration and it reminds me of beauty and gives me a reason to work hard. I keep shared spaces (living room, kitchen and bathroom) tidy all through the week.


2) My Clothes- I’ve streamlined my wardrobe for winter. I love and wear blacks, greys, greens and browns. I have a uniform of sorts. A great slim denim, riding boots, blazer and long sleeve tee or sweater. I love Adrienne Bailon’s looks and I copy her sometimes. Copy the right cat!


3) My Car- This is simple. I don’t keep a lot of clutter in my car. I clear it out at least once a week.

4) Food I Eat- Now we are navigating into choppy waters. I eat well. I eat good food. Problem is I eat too much of said food. I have to learn to push away from the table earlier than I currently do now.


Takeaway. Apply some rules to your life that moves you closer to achieving your happiness within your very own space.




Jamaican Breakfast and a Book.

Feasting on a big Jamaican breakfast and soaking up some knowledge from a good book? Is there any better way to usher in the New Year? No, I don’t think so.

We were blessed with the ability to spend the last few days of 2018 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I say blessed because it has been years since I have gotten the chance to spend time in Jamaica during the holidays. I was born in Jamaica and I have the warmest memories of eating big breakfasts, dinners, going to church service where I participated in Christmas Pageants and spending days at the beach during Christmas holiday. A part of me wanted to get a little of that feeling back. My Christmas’ now, though thankful for them, are not the same.

On this trip I learned that what I had was wonderful and was good for that time. I cannot get that back. I am now immersed in something new. I call a new place home.

Callaloo and Saltfish.

While sitting on the veranda (at the Altamont West Hotel) or on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, I dug into a short book titled, “Turning Pro” by Steven Pressfield. It is a short enough text to read in a sitting or two. It is a compilation of notes and blogposts that the author has done over the years. Steven is the author of the renowned book, “The War of Art.” “Turning Pro” is a pick up of sorts to the “War of Art.”


“Turning Pro” talks about resistance and how it feeds the amateur in you. Resistance causes self-doubt, fear and self sabotage. You turn into a professional when you can beat resistance and move beyond your ” shadow” (a version or reflection of yourself that takes little to no risk) into your true self. Your true self is the professional or the artist. The professional lives in the present, helps others, is courageous, avoids distractions and is aware of his/her power and does not give it away.

Powerful stuff to digest.

Akee and Saltfish (Jamaica’s National Dish). Yam, green banana, fried dumpling and boiled dumpling.

Digesting good food and knowledge is a bit of the same thing. You love good food and knowledge and you consume the both slowly. You savor it. You take in small bits and you stop to think about the flavors and the taste.

Towards the end of “Turning Pro”there is the discussion or the introduction of the professional mindset as a practice. “A practice implies engagement in a ritual.” In short, the things that you do daily determines your success.  Practice has a space and the space is sacred. Carve out a space for yourself where you do your work. A practice has a time. Take the time, make the time in your day to study or do the thing that you set your mind to accomplish. A practice has an intention. Do all things with an intention. The course that you take should be one that is planned and well thought out. The practice is lifelong. If you are to do the thing then do the damn thing. It will not be for a day, a month or a year but in order to have longevity, you must do your thing for a lifetime. You have to be committed to your practice and to your work. Period.

Learn more about the author here:

A Day in Washington, D.C. Smithsonian Style.

The nation’s capital has always been a long time favorite of mine. I don’t go to gawk at the White House nor do I go to Pledge allegiance to any particular president in office but what I do go to DC for is something that I believe should move us all to visit.

I’m an avid museum goer and Washington DC has a conglomerate of museums manned by the Smithsonian Institute that are so informative and organized that any layman has to appreciate the time and care that goes into the artifacts and relics presented in each museum space.

There is something for everyone. There are art galleries, portrait galleries, air and space relics, African tapestries, survivor stories and stories of those who’ve passed on. The exhibits range from playful to painful but all worth your time and attention.

Plan your visit:


Goop: New York City HQ

I’ve been a fan of the Goop Newsletter since it’s inception. I like Gwyneth Paltrow and love her evolution as an actress and human. She didn’t start the healthy lifestyle kick and crystal craze that everyone seems to be on now but we cannot ignore her contribution to the wave.

I admire the business acumen to turn a newsletter into a blog and a blog into a mini empire. I adore the Goop blog and cookbook collabs featuring Paltrow. The Goop world appears to be one dominated by women and there are even some women who look like me working within the space.

I have to admit, and this isn’t so much of a race thing as it is a socio-economic thing, a lot of the products offered on the Goop retail space is not within my economic reach. There is the Goop Glow that retails for $60 (30 packets of super powder) and a ton of beauty Goopy things that you can apply to you face that I’d love but retail for $100 and upwards. Their midi shirt dress is advertised for $695. Now, I may be able to buy some of these products but I cannot afford to buy them. It would be a great stretch. I know there are folks out there who are spending a ton on beauty creams and clothes because they do sell but it’s just not within my forcast right now. Maybe someday it will be.

What am I rambling about? Well, I stopped into Goop’s new retail store in NYC this weekend and the experience was a visual playground. Pretty products all lined up in a row. The entire store has purpose and pretty down to the pink glasses.

When you first walk into the store, you are greeted by a lush green plant, and you immediately enter the clothing space where there are a few pieces made exclusively for Goop. Then you enter dainty jewelry heaven with a few Birkin bags and a Chanel housed in a glass case. You move further back to makeup, Goop Beauty then pretty plates/cups and in the rear of the store is an actual kitchen and it’s a pretty one.


Now, if you cannot afford the Ribbed Tank for $195, I highly recommend you head over to the Goop blog and surf the well written articles in the “Beauty”, “Food”, “Style” and “Travel” sections. There are some fantastic travel suggestions for us folks who live in NYC and want quick escapes in places like the Hudson Valley and places to go to catch the Fall Foliage:



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