Summer Wrap-Up. All of the Pictures for all of the Summer Feels.

Summer came and went way too quickly. I’m still trying to hold on to the warmth of the sun but the daylight is getting shorter and the breeze is cooler at night.

There is nothing wrong with Autum, in fact I like to watch the leaves turn into amazing reds and orange foliage but I will miss my long lazy days on the beach and sauntering out of my front door sans coat or jacket. It was a great summer. Here is my summer roundup.

Palm trees and blue skies is truly the best therapy.
The girl and I both love the water. She vowed this summer to never swim in a pool and only partake in the beauty of the ocean but I doubt she’ll stick to it.
Is there anything better than herbed bread and olive oil? 
I tried press on nails this summer and they were a win except for the times a nail would go flying of because I’m not gentle in my hands.
Cool Kids.
I lived in these metallic sandals from J Crew. I bought them on sale last summer and wore them till the wheels fell off this summer. 
Read this book and it is a game changer. 
Me in bright lipstick. I rarely wear lipstick but I threw it on cause I felt like being a real tropical girl that day.


I wore cut off denims (Levi’s) most all summer long along with striped shirts and chambrays. 
We took a quick trip to Atlantic City! 


All you can eat crabs except I couldn’t even finish my first bowl. Mad whack. 
My last beach visit I wore this coverup that my sister copped for me at walmart for $9.99. Winning!

What are some of your summer highlights? Spill the hot summer pics in the comment section.

Poncho and Suits: Walmart/Time and Tru

On my recent visit to small town America, I had the pleasure of staying under five minutes away from a Walmart. As a New Yorker living in one of the five boroughs, this is unheard of (except Queens). There is is Walmart at the Green Acres Mall in Queens, NY. Needless to say, I visited everyday, with my mother (who is more obsessed with Walmart than I am) in tow.

It is almost the end of summer so it is a perfect time to snatch up swimsuits and coverups on sale. I managed to score some real classic pieces for under $20 per piece.

I purchased two swimsuits and swim coverup pictured below, all by Walmart’s “Time and Tru” Line. The pieces fit well and the fabric holds up well in the water. I’ll definitely be sporting these pieces next summer as well.


Time and Tru Swimwear

How are Your Habits Affecting Your Success?

The word habit is defined as a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. I believe that when we hear that someone has a “habit” we often gravitate to thinking in the negative. We tend to think of obsessive drinking, smoking, lying, etc. Stuff the great books advises us not to partake in. The reality is that just as there are good habits, there are also bad habits.

The Red Door. Historically, it is a visible sign that the mortgage has been paid off by a homeowner. A major key to wealth is property ownership.

Lying is a habit. Laziness is a habit. Arriving to work, events and appointments late is a habit. Having a short fuse is a habit. Being broke is a habit. Failure is a habit. Not reading books is a habit. Waking up late is a habit. Having a disorganized space is a habit. Those are some of the behaviors that we are used to linking with the word “habit.” They paint a negative picture for the person to which the habit is involved.

On the other hand, there is the flip side or the opposite of the negative behaviors that we don’t normally link with the term “habit.” Being active is a habit. Truthfulness is a habit. Making money is a habit. Success is a habit. Reading is a habit. Waking up early is a habit. Organization is a habit.

Habits are a major indicator of how we function and see ourselves in the world. Create a habit of speaking kind words about yourself and others. Have laser keen focus and wake up with a plan of action on a daily basis. You should rule the day or the day will end up ruling you. Have a clear goal that you are working towards and it makes it easier to plan the day ahead. If you don’t know this already, most successful people have similar habits. We know this because most people who are successful have written about how they have obtained their success. Read books and interviews about people whose success you would like to replicate or whose success resonates best with you. There is a blueprint.

Successful People:

Take risks./ Stick to their decisions./  Set good boundaries./ Give Back./ Work Smart./ Stay healthy and active physically and mentally./ Delegate./ Are always learning./ Stay disciplined./ Practice Patience./ Surround themselves with other successful people./ Talk about ideas, not other people./ Learn from failure./ Show up on time./ Know about what is going on with their business and their money./

Concepts Courtesy of: You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

You Cannot Fail

Never forget what makes you the happiest and who motivates you to be great.

You know the adage, if you could do anything without fear of failure, what would you do? The reality of it is you would think in a state of the “sky’s the limit.” You would have no inhibitions because you would have no fear.  I know, this state of mind is not one that most think is grounded in reality but the truth is that your Kindergarten Teacher was right. You can be whatever you want to be.


If you desire anything enough then there is a sauce, which isn’t much of a secret because it’s outlined in a million self help books, to making it happen:

  1. Make the commitment to accomplishing your desired goal.
  2. Take whatever action necessary to make it true or to achieve your goal.
  3.  Avoid duplicating any patterns you know from experience that will not work. If it’s broke, fix it. You learn through failure so failure isn’t a negative.   Failure is only a negative if we do not heed it’s lesson.
  4. Adjust your plan when you see that it is not garnering the desired results.
  5. Don’t be afraid to change. Changing course and directions while planning is a part of most of the best plans.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that this will be a breeze. Nothing worth having comes easy. I mean, life teaches us that. My Jamaican granny’s favorite saying is, “if you want good den yuh nose haffi run.” Translated this means that if you want something bad enough then expect to work hard for it. Hard work isn’t always laborious work by the way so do not mistaken the word “hard” for labor. Hard work may be changing habits that stand in your way of gaining success. I find for most people changing habits, including either adding to or taking away from positive or negative behaviors, some of our is the hardest work.

Summer Goals: Not Just Sunsets but Streams (of Income).

I’ve recently been contemplating what I would like to achieve as a goal for the summer. I’ve already committed to eating better and getting to the gym more but I need a personal/financial goal. Something that I can see through for the next few months as well but I’m stumped. 

Now more than ever, everyone needs to look into having several streams of income. I have the luxury of having some time off in the summer and the time provides me what I need to really get introspective and think about where I want to go next. I understand myself and am aware that I have the ability to “think”  forever. Nothing beats action! Nothing.


Action is necessary for achieving what occurs in our thoughts. But the action often doesn’t happen because of that dreaded four letter word, fear. We have excuses and fear that holds us back from acting on the desires that goals that we hold in our thoughts.


Well, what’s a problem without a solution? A problem! I’m solution oriented therefore I assess what it is that I’m facing and create an action plan to remedy the problem. The action plan that I will create will be written alongside the goal so that I can see it in order to make it happen. It will be both relevant and realistically achievable for the summer months. No worries, I’ll keep you all posted regarding progress as well.


Sun, Sand and Black Bathing Suits.

There is no season I prefer over Summer. You can take the crisp of the Fall leaves. You can have your fresh fallen snow. Give me the beam of the sun’s rays, the warmth of the ocean and crash of the waves.

My daughter and I both share a love for the ocean. We can wade in the water, jump over waves and watch tiny fish swim by our feet for hours on end. The Summer plans always involve beach trips.


Fun Fact: I keep beach mats and chairs in the trunk of my car all year round.

Bathing Suits: OldNavy

Dress Me Up

I confess. I do not wear dresses often. I love seeing a well dressed woman in a dress that flows over the body and I swear up and down every Spring and Summer that I will be that woman but alas, another season comes and finds me in blues jeans.

I do have a few dresss in my closet that makes me feel like I want to sit in a church pew or sit at my favorite beachside restaurant enjoying some beach bites. These are two dresses that I pulled this morning just for the heck of it. I may make it a goal to wear them out this week instead of my millionth time slipping into a pair of jeans.


Photos: John Ricard Using the IPhone.

You Have To Remain Open To Receive All That You Are Meant to Have.


We’ve read your fair share of self help books and follow enough “go getters” to have heard every single affirmation known to man or woman but there are still those that resonate and really rings true every time we hear or, even better, practice them.

“Ask and ye shall receive.” Yo, it’s biblical. The self help coach really didn’t come up with anything genius here. The Lord God said it and Jesus reiterated. If you ask, you shall receive. Now, it gets a bit more complicated than just asking for after all “faith without work is dead.” You have to put in the work.

Now, when you put in the work and all things don’t happen in our favor thats when we hit a bump and can slump into a depression or a questioning of, “why me?” You are putting in the work but nothing hits. The monetary success just isn’t there. It is then that we ask if we are open to receive the things that we have asked for. Does perceived failure  put you in a state of self-doubt? Do your negative thoughts take over? If they do then you simply are not aligned with your destiny and the universe will not secure for you what is yours. Your monetary success may never happen because you are in fear and doubt mode. You may also be in a mode where you hold on to the little bit of money that you do have for fear of losing any more.

The good Size Orman teaches in “The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom” that when we grasp onto money too tightly, we are not open to receive or even notice ALL that may be trying to flow your way. Now if that is not a Sunday Sermon then I don’t know what is! It is almost instinctual to grasp or hold on to the things that we feel that we are losing but money is set up in an entirely different way. Sure teaches that money is a living entity and responds to energy. Money responds to how you feel about it, yourself and how you feel about others. If you feel powerless and worry about money then money will not flow towards you. If you feel powerful and you’re in control of your money and have enough to be generous with it, then money will flow naturally towards you. Money flows!

Money Basics-Educate yourself about how money works. You have to know how something works in order to master it. 

How do you keep yourself open to receive money? Educate yourself about money. You are in control. Release your anxious grasp on money by GIVING. Only then you will be open to receive it.

Size Orman’s Quick Thought Nuggets on Giving:

  1. Those who donate regularly (to your favorite charity or money that you may provide your parents) had an abundance of money, more than they really needed.
  2. The better people felt about themselves, and the more they kept their hands open to receive by relinquishing money, the more financial situation improved.
  3. Thoughts of poverty are bonds of poverty.
  4. We experience prosperity, true financial freedom, when our actions with respect to money are dharmic, or righteous, actions- that is, actions of generosity, actions of offering.
  5. It’s the impulse to give that puts you in touch with the best part of yourself and the principles of abundance that are alive in the world.


Spring Outerwear: Blazer/Jacket Moment

It’s not warm enough for wearing only your shirts and tees but not cold enough for a coat. What’s a girl to do? Dig deep into your closet and pull out your light jackets and blazers. I know, it’s been a long winter but Mother Nature seems to be in a great mood and is shining down on us with her sun rays. There is nothing like the sun’s energy. Face it, the grey days have really left us all in a slump and now is the perfect time to park the car and walk to work. Linger outside a little longer. Meander. Buy an ice cream cone and get the sprinkles on top. Live.


Green Jacket: Gap

Blue Blazer: Forever 21

Photos: Angelique R.

Brick Wall and a Teddy Bear Coat

Who can resist snapping some pictures in front of a brick wall? Not one soul.

The days are getting warmer but my little teddy bear fuschia jacket is perfect for these not so warm Spring days. Most people opted for the tan or brown teddy coats but this pink/fuschia color is perfect to usher in the season of tulips and daffodils and such. It also dresses an outfit up or down. It is a strong color so adding a black or tan color to this jacket is perfect to punch up the toned down outfit.



Coat: Old Navy

Silver Booties: Inc

Brick wall: Brooklyn

photos: Angelique R.

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