Sensational Saturday: L Train Vintage Furs

I’m driving through Williamsburg, Brooklyn and could not help but stop into one of my favorite vintage stores. I’ve been trying to find a teddy bear coat or fur coat because they are on trend. I tend to follow trends, not to the extreme, but add maybe one piece that is on trend at the moment in my closet. I don’t walk to walk around in clothes that I won’t feel great in two months from now. I follow my little shopping ♡ when I see a trend. If a piece is still on my mind after weeks or months of me thinking about it, then I act on it. Go out and buy the piece girl!

Well, thats what happened at L Train Vintage today. I stopped in to try on some vintage coats hoping to find a piece with some character and something that I may still love after the trend dies down. I bought a great black coat from the 70s, in great condition, for $18. It fit like a glove but I have no pictures of me in it. My photog, my daughter, wasn’t feeling my coat of choice so she inadvertently took no pictures of me in it. She has tons of pictures of me trying on some fur pieces though. I was low-key in love with the shrugs but did not pick one up because I’m trying to practice self control.

2018-02-03 14:01:07.195
L Train’s huge iconic mirror.
2018-02-03 14:05:46.834
Found a honey brown fur caplet that was just the right size for me. 
2018-02-03 14:06:05.030
Combing through the racks with a fellow shopper nearby.
2018-02-03 14:06:47.850
There is a large selection of full length furs but I’m 5 feet so they swallow me. I need a mid length situation.
2018-02-03 14:07:46.407
This is the girl who almost went home with me but I left her in store. She was $30. Well worth the price. The satin lining was in great condition. Perfect for throwing on over a cocktail dress.
2018-02-03 14:14:41.850
This bag is almost as popular as the Bloomies bag at this point. Am I exaggerating? Maybe just a little. 
2018-02-03 14:14:49.458
Till next time L Train Vintage.

Do you shop vintage? If so, what are some of your tips for finding great pieces at bargain prices.



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