Vivica Fox Collection: Straight Wig With a Bang. Perfect For Protective Styling.

It’s wintertime so that means protective styling time for many of you ladies who want to not put too much stress on our hair. I revel in my curls and wear them out all Summer long but winter is when i run for the wig. Well honestly, it’s too darn hot for a wig in the Summer but you didn’t hear that from me. My new Winter wig is a fabulous, light, natural looking straight bang wig from The Vivica Fox Collection. I am loving the texture of the hair and the low maintenance that this wig employs in my morning routine. It needs no product to have the right amount of shine. My only wish is that this unit had hair combs on the inside to have it fit more securely on the head. It’s sexy yet not overtly lush and fake looking. Kudos to this style and for a little over $100 this little unit pays for itself after about a month of wear.

2014-11-24 16.19.34

2014-11-24 10.20.03


2014-11-24 10.24.08

Vivica wearing the style in blonde.




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