Summer Goals: Not Just Sunsets but Streams (of Income).

I’ve recently been contemplating what I would like to achieve as a goal for the summer. I’ve already committed to eating better and getting to the gym more but I need a personal/financial goal. Something that I can see through for the next few months as well but I’m stumped. 

Now more than ever, everyone needs to look into having several streams of income. I have the luxury of having some time off in the summer and the time provides me what I need to really get introspective and think about where I want to go next. I understand myself and am aware that I have the ability to “think”  forever. Nothing beats action! Nothing.


Action is necessary for achieving what occurs in our thoughts. But the action often doesn’t happen because of that dreaded four letter word, fear. We have excuses and fear that holds us back from acting on the desires that goals that we hold in our thoughts.


Well, what’s a problem without a solution? A problem! I’m solution oriented therefore I assess what it is that I’m facing and create an action plan to remedy the problem. The action plan that I will create will be written alongside the goal so that I can see it in order to make it happen. It will be both relevant and realistically achievable for the summer months. No worries, I’ll keep you all posted regarding progress as well.


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