Saturday Night Lights: Stewart Hotel NYC

Is there anything better than spending a Saturday night in NYC? Face it. The answer is, “no.”  I had the opportunity to spend a Saturday night in a fantastic hotel opposite Madison Square Garden at the stylishly chic Stewart Hotel recently.

First off, you enter the lobby and feel like you’ve been transported to sunny South Beach. There is a cool updated, Art Deco vibe to the decor. It’s light, airy, large windows and luxe delails like guilded elevator doors provides a classic NYC vibe.

The rooms are spacious, impeccable and perfectly Instagrammable. The Stewart is a perfect 10.

The seating is a luxe green velvet. It’s Art Deco but modern at the same time.
The business area is central in the lobby area.
Additional seating but it gives me a cozy library feel.
The room! There was an entire living room with a sofa, this small dining table and a separate bedroom away from this living area.
The sofa which also dubbs as a sofa bed.
There is a small kitchenette with a kettle, fridge and two stove burners.
The comfy bed which is in a separate room which is like finding a unicorn in any hotel room in NYC. There is space here!
The bathroom is small but feels updated and modern.
I love these black and white tiles in bathrooms or kitchens. Classic.
After a busy night, it’s only appropriate to have breakfast in bed. Room service can be had for breakfast, lunch and dinner from the restaurant downstairs at the hotel, Niles NYC.
Morning face, stripped down and happy!

Staycation Travel: The Gallivant Times Square

As Brooklynites, we love to look for a great hotel deal in Manhattan and spend the weekend in the big city whenever we can. There is a wanderlust in all of us and many times you don’t have to hop on a flight to satisfy the urge to travel.  We love taking advantage of all that NYC has to offer and wander about in our own backyard. If you are saving, strapped for cash or just have a new life, possibly with children, and the airport (with delays and connecting flights) is no longer appealing then look into a staycation.

Our Weekend at The Gallivant

  1. Your view as you enter the hotel’s lobby. It’s fresh and modern with a great, comfortable interior. Friday, Check-In.


The message in the elevator says it all. Go discover!
There is a great little coffee and computer nook in the rear of the lobby.

2) The Room. It is small, like most NYC hotel rooms, buy cozy. The bed is the focal point of the room and you have plenty of photo op opportunities with this great white headboard.


The purple chair, gold table and printed (with NYC sights) wallpaper adds great color and a modern feel.
I always check the coffee area because I need coffee in the mornings. It’s my essential. I’ve never had Wolfgang Puck coffee before and it did not disappoint.
The bathroom had great marble and glass details.


The shea butter soap lathered soft and creamy.

3) Saturday.

Shower and then braids. She has to be sick of the same two cornrows that I do every day. I told her that it’s her signature look. Lol.
The subway is easily accessible when you are in the city and it’s the most efficient way to get around. We took the subway from Times Square to downtown, Essex Street to soak up some sights.
We got the chance to catch the last weekend of the underground park that I’ve been wanting to see. Artificial sunlight is used to grow exotic plants underground. I’m here for it.
Next up, lunch at San Loco. Great Tex-Mex food.
The look of sheer exhaustion. We went back to the room after our trek downtown and then took Angelique back downtown again for a friend’s birthday. We hopped on the bus because it took our straight to our hotel’s door. There was only one other passenger with us on the bus. Thanks MTA!  It was a great ride.

4) Sunday

“You came in with the breeze, on Sunday morning.” (Gwen Stephanie). How I spent Sunday morning before checkout. It was the perfect time to unwind with the paper.


Angelique dug into a book that she picked up at the Scholastic office in Soho. The bookstore has been closed for some time now but you can pick up free books in their lobby if they have them available.

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You cannot beat this view!


The blk/wht images by: John Ricard

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