When One Selfie Isn’t Enough.


2015-04-05 16.51.38


It seems rather obnoxious to post several pictures of my face and think that others should be interested. I know, there is nothing groundbreaking here. There is no overarching social commentary. There is no extraordinary capture of textures or colors in the photos they still, I post. Maybe it is because it is all that I’ve created in the past day or so; therefore I found it appropriate to share. This is just the life and times of these selfies. Plus, I was having a good curl day.


2015-04-05 16.51.36


2015-04-05 16.51.30


2015-04-05 16.51.21


2015-04-05 16.07.44 HDR


2015-04-05 14.36.00



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