Peaches Shrimp and Crab: Brooklyn Brunch

IMG_6920.JPGLet me start of by saying that I am a Brooklynite who doesn’t really brunch. I know, it doesn’t make sense. All the beautiful people in Brookyn get decked out (stylish not Sunday Best) to leisurely hang at their favorite brunch spot. They don’t mind waiting on long lines to feast on sweet and savory fare.


This weekend, a friend mentioned a brunch spot that serves Southern eats that is contemporary yet still homely. She showed me the food pics from Peaches Shrimp and Crab online and my tastebuds were immediately piqued.

I made the decision then and there that I was going to try the Shrimp and Grits. It would officially be my first time trying grits. I know, don’t ask. You don’t want to know. Fast forward and, well, my first taste of grits was worth the wait. This creamy, parmesan laced goodness was perfect and the shrimp was the quintessential compliment. Just all creaminess and melt in your mouth goodness.

Perfect plate of Shrimp and Grits.

The menu is simple but good.


The full bar just in case you want to skip the grits and head straight to the cocktails.
The staff is busy but attentive.

The Scene:

It is Christmas time so tree greeted us at the entrance. The decor is minimal and the walls are what looks like original brick from the old Brooklyn building.


There is a large glass window lined with real greenery, live plants. 
Brooklyn is for the Fashionable Folk. There is a constant stream of stylish Brooklynites lounging and enjoying the scene.
For the folks who only check for ratings, the spot got an “A”. 
Just Good Food. 

Welcome to Brooklyn: Bed-Stuy Wine & Soul Food

The Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn has become well known because of famous former residents like Biggie Smalls and Jay Z but it has a history that is felt when you walk the blocks and view the many grand brownstones and once mansions that surrounds you. You feel the history and grandeur that once was one of the most prominent neighborhoods in New York. Anyone who has ever strolled down MacDonough Street and soaked up the beautifully restored row houses and mansions know that the place is something special.

Bed-Stuy has made many shifts since it’s 17th century conception. It was once inhabited by the Dutch who farmed the land. By the 18th century, the land was inhabited by mostly upper middle class families of German and Irish descent. Bed-Stuy was residential and the brownstones and mansions were developed along with this booming upper class. At the same time, there was also a prominent African American  community called Weeksville in Bed-Stuy. Weeksville was recognized as one of the first free African American communities in the United States. The Great Depression hit and the upper middle class families could no longer maintain  the homes and African American families from Harlem and the South flocked to Bed-Stuy where they purchased the homes that we see today.

Once again, there is a huge cultural shift happening in Bed-Stuy and in the rest of Brooklyn for that matter. Gentrification is changing the face of the neighbors that we see everyday along with the cost of housing. The brownstones, many of which got a face/body-lift, are now being sold for millions or rented for something close to that sum. The gentrification has brought about many business but many of them are owned by African Americans. The gentrification that we are sometimes overwhelmed by might have also breathed life into the entrepreneurial spirit that has always existed in the Black Community. There are some great places to sit and chat with folks from Brooklyn or those that call Bed-Stuy home.

Check out two of my favorites below:

Therapy Wine Bar 

Went there with friends and had a fantastic time. It was karaoke night and even though I sucked at karaoke the crowd didn’t make me feel like I was at the Apollo Theater about to get Sandmanned. That’s how you know you are with good folk.


The artwork on the brick face wall was cool. It was all things Brooklyn and all things Soul.

Peaches and Peaches Hothouse

If you are looking for Southern fare with a cool atmosphere then please do visit “Peaches” or “Peaches Hothouse”. Do get the fried chicken or anything fried. Get the extra butter and the extra sauce. Get your food fried, with butter and slathered in sauce. Forget about the resolutions or the promise to eat your kale and just have some chicken or some grits darn it.


Have you ever visited Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn? Where do you like to eat or hang when you are there?

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