Saturday Night Lights: Stewart Hotel NYC

Is there anything better than spending a Saturday night in NYC? Face it. The answer is, “no.” ┬áI had the opportunity to spend a Saturday night in a fantastic hotel opposite Madison Square Garden at the stylishly chic Stewart Hotel recently.

First off, you enter the lobby and feel like you’ve been transported to sunny South Beach. There is a cool updated, Art Deco vibe to the decor. It’s light, airy, large windows and luxe delails like guilded elevator doors provides a classic NYC vibe.

The rooms are spacious, impeccable and perfectly Instagrammable. The Stewart is a perfect 10.

The seating is a luxe green velvet. It’s Art Deco but modern at the same time.
The business area is central in the lobby area.
Additional seating but it gives me a cozy library feel.
The room! There was an entire living room with a sofa, this small dining table and a separate bedroom away from this living area.
The sofa which also dubbs as a sofa bed.
There is a small kitchenette with a kettle, fridge and two stove burners.
The comfy bed which is in a separate room which is like finding a unicorn in any hotel room in NYC. There is space here!
The bathroom is small but feels updated and modern.
I love these black and white tiles in bathrooms or kitchens. Classic.
After a busy night, it’s only appropriate to have breakfast in bed. Room service can be had for breakfast, lunch and dinner from the restaurant downstairs at the hotel, Niles NYC.
Morning face, stripped down and happy!


The color black is often seen as somber and a color that we wear to mourn but it actually evokes the opposite feeling for me. As a child, my favorite color was red. Not just any red, but the brightest red possible. The color red brought me immense joy when I wore it. You couldn’t tell the 8-year old me nothing if I had on a red dress that I could twirl in. Twirl! Today, the color black does the same thing for me. Living in NYC makes loving the color Black even easier because I really feel like an all black outfit it is the city’s unofficial uniform. It is only natural that I fall in love with the color that my city reps.

We were in Battery Park City recently and the newly revitalized neighborhood is one of my favorite places to spend summer days in the city. We took the opportunity to use the amazing light to capture the beauty of the shades of black.


Coat: Old Navy

Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Old Navy

Sunglasses: Cole Haan

Red Lip: ELF



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