Last Stop on the Q Train.

When the temperature starts to rise in Brooklyn or most places in NYC for that matter, where do the locals head? A little closer to the Atlantic Ocean. When you are looking for cool breeze and some fun then you go to the beach at Coney Island, ride a few rides at Luna Park, grab a bite of your favorite festival treat and take some Instagram pictures while you’re at it at a cool Art Wall.

This really cool mermaid mural is done by an artist named Lady Aiko, The murals are in the midst of a Smorgasburg (a cool mix of food trucks and vendors serving cultural favorites).
This black and white piece was a popular one with the picture taking crowd.

We were caught up with the art walls during on of our 2 day (consecutive) visits but this is how we get to Coney Island. First, we ditch the car. Driving to Coney Island on a weekend is a “no-go”. We park at our local train stop and hop on the “Q-Train”. It gets us there quickly plus the ride is outdoors and the view as you pull into the Coney Island stop (used to be Stillwell Ave.) is awesome and cannot be beat.

Take a peek in the purse and try to find treats for the train ride.
The beach was crowed with New Yorkers looking to beat the heat but despite the crowd it was a festive vibe. No one seemed to care that the water was frigid.
It is really simple to get here. Last stop on the Q Train.

Photos: John Ricard shot on his Leica

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