Interestedly enough, we do a lot of laughing. You can’t tell from these images because our in house photog, John Ricard, likes to capture those somber moments. You know the moments pre or post laughter or deep cackle. Or those times where we are dog tired from a day of walking the city streets. We do a lot of that.

I suppose a face without laughter evokes an emotion that makes us think a bit more about the subject. The emotions bring you to a place where you may think of your own emotions or feelings. It may even make you sympathetic. Whatever it is, there is nothing like a black and white portrait where a smile, a smirk or even a somberness is captured.

Hair Grease and Comb
Tacos and News

Images: John Ricard

Tool: Leica

Goodbye Straight. Hello Curly.

Don’t call it a comeback, curly hair has been here for years. Yup, I just did a play on words for  one of my favorite rap songs of all time. If you don’t know, now you know. I can keep going. LOL. But really, if you are looking to add some oomph and volume to fine, straight hair, look no further than a Marcel Curling Iron and Sexy Hair styling spray. Our Fab Stylist,Brendan Dowling, armed himself with the proper tools to give Lauren the “go to” look for the season. Take a peek at the step by step below in order to create your own curls.

Lauren before her curls.
Brendan chooses to use “Sexy Hair” styling spray in order to get the desired volume and hold necessary for wearing curls.
First, you spray a light layer of volume spray onto the hair, making sure to focus on one small section at a time.
Next, you use your iron to create the soft Shirley Temple curls Remember getting those wen you were a little girl? But nope. These won’t stay Shirley nor Temple.
Finally, after you have curled all sections of the hair you spray some light holding spray and then do the “hair flip”. You finger comb those neat curls out and flip your hair to and fro in order to achieve the perfect bouncy do. 

Photographer: John Ricard

Stylist: Brendan Dowling

Model: Lauren Casaranova

Bridget Kelly Makes Pretty Look Sexy For Hype Hair.

Singer and songwriter, Bridget Kelly brought some seriously sexy yet pretty looks to the pages of Hype Hair Magazine. This video takes us behind the scenes at John Ricard’s studio where we see the styling team create a sexy red pout, soft/sexy shoulder length tress and some hot Spring outfits. I love the African print short shorts parked with the white tank. We are seeing these prints more and more on the runway from designers like Agnes B. and Burberry Prosum. I remember seeing the fitted shorts for the first time on Draya Michele and fell in love instantly.

Let’s visit Bridget on set:





I’m a Brooklyn Baby. #ConeyIslandfun

Yup, I just jacked a Lana Del Rey line. How can you not steal this line? It’s so neat! All Brooklyn Babies know and love Coney Island. As a kid, it is the one place that I yearned to go to all Summer long. It is more popular than McDonald’s without fail. As an adult, it has a different appeal. It’s all about people watching, grooving to cool music and grabbing delicious boardwalk food. Oh, and don’t forget the beach!

List of Some Cool Things to See at Coney Island:








A glimpse of the Steeplechase.
A glimpse of the Steeplechase.



Cartwheels in the sand.
Cartwheels in the sand.

All Photos: John Ricard

If you are in Brooklyn, visit Coney Island and be a “Brooklyn Baby”.

Twitter: @ConeyIslandfun

The Little Denim Short That Could.


I’ve been wearing denim shorts during the Summer now for years. As a teen, it was always paired with tee shirts or tank tops. Now, It’s become a piece that I dress up for evenings out with a sequins or satin top and heels, lunch casual with a blazer and tee or coverup for my bathing suits when I go to the beach with my daughter.

I truly hope I never get tired of my Levis cutoffs or listen to a fashion guru if they say they are not on trend. I do believe I would be crushed if I ever hear my beloved shorts are not on trend but I would be the lone soul rocking them though! Let’s take a peek at some ways that I wore my denim shorts this Summer.


List of Ways I Wear My Denim Shorts:

The Paparazzi White Fence
I’m sure you recognize the Paparazzi White Fence. The Ivy is the perfect spot for star gazing. When we dined her for lunch the Rev Jesse Jackson was also lunching outdoors.
Did I mention that I had an amazing meal t The Ivy on Robertson Blvd?
Did I mention that I had an amazing meal at The Ivy on Robertson Blvd?
Amazing fried fish, shrimp, calamari and scallops. I couldn't ask for anything more...
Amazing fried fish, shrimp, calamari and scallops. I couldn’t ask for anything more…
Black Blazer and Tee
But we are talking about my Summer staple, the denim short, right? So on we go….Here it is paired with the black blazer and tee.
Beach Essential.
It was also a beach and pool essential.
Coverup for When Laying Poolside.
It is the best coverup when laying poolside.
A loose tank and a fedora for grocery shopping.
A loose tank and a fedora for grocery shopping.

2014-07-30 19.12.26-2

2014-08-26 12.03.51


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