A Headwrap and a White Shirt.

Is there any combination better than a headwrap and a white shirt? Well, you can probably think of a few but you must admit that the white shirt and headwrap is a classic combo that looks clean, crisp yet edgy. It can take you from day to night and can be casual or classicly sophisticated.

Oh, you can’t leave out a bold lip by the way. The clean blank white shirt leaves room for creativity and boldness elsewhere with your styling so don’t just stop at the scarf. Let yourself go and try those lip colors┬áthat you would normally shy away from. Please do the reds, oranges, fuschias and browns.

Found this brick wall and thought it was the perfect backdrop for highlighting my wrap and shirt.
I lived in these Cole Haan sunglasses all summer long. The lips are courtesy of MAC, “Antique Velvet” is what they call it.
My girl.
I found the biggest and coolest sunflower painted on a restaurant wall and I had to take a picture.
A view of the Verrazano Bridge from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I had no idea (well I have some idea but I don’t think of it often) that we are surrounded by so much water in Brooklyn. The water grants serenity and always clears my head.


If At First You Don’t Succeed…

We know how that mantra ends. “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” Those are words to live by. We won’t always win on the first try. Failure exist as a teaching tool for the next time you attempt a task. You fail and then you try again, only this time implementing the lessons that you’ve learned from failing. I failed today. Am I a failure? Nope. I’ll try again at my task on July 5th only this time implementing what I’ve learned.


I had a beach day recently and even though the Atlantic Ocean is not my ideal beach it always serves the purpose of helping me recenter. I can feel really big and super important at times but I look at large bodies of water and remember that I am small and there are greater powers outside of myself and whatever drives me.

What drives you and how do you deal with failing?


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