Wash Day: Clean Scalp Edition

There are loads of different beliefs as far as what is best when it comes to washing curly hair these days but I can assure you that for my hair, it is necessary that I walk away from that shampoo basin with clean scalp. I use product (gels, curl creams, curl jellies and all types of curl shenanigans) in order to keep the frizz at bay. When wash day rolls around it is imperative that I wgrab a shampoo that can get to the root of removing all of these products from my hair and scalp.

Head and Shoulders was kind enough to send me their shampoo for textured hair and I am taking it for a whirl on “wash day.” Head and Shoulders is a staple and it works for keeping dandruff at bay. A clean scalp is necessary for growing long and strong hair so what better place to start than with a trusted shampoo.



After a deep shampoo and a leave in conditioner, I comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb and then brush through with a wide tooth brush. I then add my pure coconut oil to my hair and scalp (conservatively, not liberally) in order to guarantee a great shine. I am also trying a Txturepro comb and brush for the first time today.


Le Combo:



Stay Flake Free: Head and Shoulders

I was scrolling through my twitter feed recently and saw a Head and Shoulders shampoo post. I reached out via “at” reply to let them know how much I love the shampoo and to my surprise they reached out and offered to send me some samples! What? How exciting!

**I feel the need to add a quick disclaimer much to my daughter’s chagrin. I don’t suffer from dandruff but my daughter has a dry patch on the right side of her temporal lobe. No joke. She has dandruff in a particular spot on her head. Her dad has the same dry patch btw and he lived for Head and Shoulders back in the days when he had hair. **

Now back to the story. So Head and Shoulders reached out because it truly is one of the only brands that works to eliminate her dandruff. I’ve tried to be economical and try the drugstore brands but ewww. Every drugstore brand leaves behind a scent of sulfur that is just unbearable. There is no sulfur smell with Head and Shoulders and how excited was I when I saw they made a line for textured hair. Win! The Co-Wash is my daughter’s favorite and she shampoos and detangles all by herself. Her curly hair is left manageable, great smelling and dandruff free.

Check out Head and Shoulders on Twitter and IG.



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