Sweater Dress and Boots: Must Have for Fall

The air is getting crisp and the leaves are the color of mother nature’s sun when it sets.  The beauty of Fall is that it’s not freezing cold or burning up hot. The temperature feels just right for cozy sweaters, boots, tall socks, long scarves. You get the picture!

One trend that I’ve been loving this season is the sweater dress (loose, not super tight) and tall boots. The look is perfect for the girls who brunch, a weeknight date or weekend out with the girls. It’s sexy but doesn’t look like you are trying too hard.


This French Connection cable trim sweater dress is perfect for the season and its cashmere blend. Swoon. www.frenchconnection.com


If you prefer to do a pair of booties then feel free to pair it with your sweater dress.


Leave it to Zara to keep it funky. You’ve got to have swag to carry this look. www.zara.com


Give the weekend the cold shoulder in this cool cut-out. www.forever21.com


This is a casual yet sexy look. She is giving modern Bridgette Bardot feels in this blush tone. www.forever21.com 


Max Azria gets it right. www.bcbg.com
Drumroll for this oh, so perfect cable knit sweater dress. Brought to you by one of our favorite retailers, Target! The look is right and the price is right. (Praise Dance). www.target.com




Stay Cool with Ice-Cream and Coconut Water.

We are only a few days into summer and the midday sun reminds us that even though we love the heat, it’s necessary to stay cool. These are a few ways that I stay cool while I’m outside basking in the summer sun.

Bright colors just says summer. I've worn and loved this red and gold French Connection blouse.
Bright colors just says summer. I’ve worn and loved this red and gold French Connection blouse for years.

Water is essential and I’m an avid drinker but I try to get at least one drink of coconut water daily. Coconut water naturally quenches your thirst and actually adds electrolytes that you lose when active. I like mine with the pulp (tiny bits of young coconut) inside of the drink. Put a fun, colorful straw in your container, bottle or can and you will feel like you’ve been transported to the isle of Jamaica. Coconut wata good fi yuh data!

This "Jamaican Choice" coconut water is slightly sweet. They've added a little sugar to make the taste more appealing to most.
This “Jamaican Choice” coconut water is slightly sweet. They’ve added a little sugar to make the taste more appealing to most.

What is the purpose of Summer if you can’t enjoy ice-cream? Ice-Cream is and always will be the ultimate Summertime treat. I like keeping my own container in the freezer along with some ice-cream cones. I do not need for the ice-cream truck to drive down my block for my ultimate treat. It’s conveniently located in my freezer. My most recent trip to StopandShop was fantastic because all of my treats were on sale. Friendly’s ice-cream (chocolate and vanilla) along with sugar cones (StopandShop brand) were under $5. My coconut water was $1.

Friendly's ice-cream atop a StopandShop sugar cone. Delish!
Friendly’s ice-cream atop a StopandShop sugar cone. Delish!


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