Dress Me Up

I confess. I do not wear dresses often. I love seeing a well dressed woman in a dress that flows over the body and I swear up and down every Spring and Summer that I will be that woman but alas, another season comes and finds me in blues jeans.

I do have a few dresss in my closet that makes me feel like I want to sit in a church pew or sit at my favorite beachside restaurant enjoying some beach bites. These are two dresses that I pulled this morning just for the heck of it. I may make it a goal to wear them out this week instead of my millionth time slipping into a pair of jeans.


Photos: John Ricard Using the IPhone.

Spring Outerwear: Blazer/Jacket Moment

It’s not warm enough for wearing only your shirts and tees but not cold enough for a coat. What’s a girl to do? Dig deep into your closet and pull out your light jackets and blazers. I know, it’s been a long winter but Mother Nature seems to be in a great mood and is shining down on us with her sun rays. There is nothing like the sun’s energy. Face it, the grey days have really left us all in a slump and now is the perfect time to park the car and walk to work. Linger outside a little longer. Meander. Buy an ice cream cone and get the sprinkles on top. Live.


Green Jacket: Gap

Blue Blazer: Forever 21

Photos: Angelique R.

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