Summer Sights:New York City

Often times we are making plans and booking flights in order to flee the city for summer but there is really no better place than NYC during the summer. There are so many sights that you can actually soak in and appreciate without the whip of cold wind slashing across your face (I exaggerate but try walking down 34th Street in the Winter in order to look at the Macy’s window. It’s not fun because it’s cold!)

There are tons of parks and attractions that can be enjoyed (preferably during the week because the weekends can get crowded) . Let’s take a look at some of my favorite places to visit during the summer:



Coney Island has been a must-see attraction in Brooklyn for years but this isn’t your mom’s Coney Island. They have upgraded with new rides and an awesome art wall area and visiting food trucks. The art walls are a great backdrop for pictures with friends or an awesome selfie.


I loved this 3D art wall. 


The Wonder Wheel! Take a ride on it before you leave Coney Island. 

IMG_1425 (1)

Take a minute to frolic on one of the many beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. Coney Island’s beach is busy but has great energy. 


Find a Farmer’s Market on a Saturday Morning and buy fresh flowers. The Union Square Farmer’s Market is a great place for selection and fantastic prices.


Any day is a great day to sit on the lawn at Bryant Park. The kids will enjoy this park as much as parents. The grass is beautifully maintained and there are cute little food shops all around. Don’t leave without riding the carousel. You’ll feel like you have been transported to France.


Hop over to 34th street for shopping, strolling past Macy’s and then on to the wonderful view of the Empire State building. Visit the observation deck for one of the best views of the city.


Come back to Brooklyn to feel a bit more of France. Visit the Civil War monument that is in the middle of Grand Army Plaza. There is a cute park with a cool fountain very close to the arch. Great for sitting and cooling off before a visit to the library or Park Slope.

Where do you love to visit when in NYC for the Summer? Share Below!


If At First You Don’t Succeed…

We know how that mantra ends. “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” Those are words to live by. We won’t always win on the first try. Failure exist as a teaching tool for the next time you attempt a task. You fail and then you try again, only this time implementing the lessons that you’ve learned from failing. I failed today. Am I a failure? Nope. I’ll try again at my task on July 5th only this time implementing what I’ve learned.


I had a beach day recently and even though the Atlantic Ocean is not my ideal beach it always serves the purpose of helping me recenter. I can feel really big and super important at times but I look at large bodies of water and remember that I am small and there are greater powers outside of myself and whatever drives me.

What drives you and how do you deal with failing?