Blood, Sweat and Hell No. How damaging is the violence in Reality TV for Black Women?

When Bravo TV introduced the show, “Blood Sweat and Heels”, to the masses the cast promised to be a better “reality tv”. I mean, after all, these are professional working women in New York City. They are all currently on someone’s payroll and image is everything when a check is being cut. I can’t get arrested on the weekend and expect to be employed on Monday morning. We all, Black women especially, expected a certain standard of behavior (excellence) when we were first introduced to the ladies of “Blood, Sweat and Heels”. This all came crashing to a startling holt when one of the cast members who presents as a consummate professional, Geneva Thomas, was recently caught on camera fighting fellow castmate, Melyssa Ford and allegedly breaking a glass bottle in her face! In her face! A glass bottle! I’m disturbed, bothered and disappointed. I expected better. When I get together with my girlfriends there are never any punches thrown or bottles broken. I have never engaged in a physical altercation with anyone. I’m going to need BravoTV and VH1 to quit airing and instigating the constant physical altercations that we see between Black women on cable tv. We are being seen in a light that society will think is how we behave. Newsflash—not all Black women are physically aggressive, fight, cuss, carry on and are a part of dysfunctional relationships. There are masses of Black People who are completely ignorant to this reality tv lifestyle. We really cannot relate to it and see it as entertainment just like the next guy. The problem here is that if you live in Middle America and don’t know any Black people then you will watch and think there is a kernel of truth to this dysfunction. I’m going on and I shouldn’t but I get a bit annoyed by the fact that Black women are being marginalized and stereotyped by the mess we see on the tube. I call on Bravo TV and VH1 to fire any cast members who engage in physical violence on site and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. In addition, the violence does not get aired nor mentioned. I bet the debauchery would stop then.

The cast of Bravo Tv"s, "Blood, Sweat and Heels".
The cast of Bravo Tv”s, “Blood, Sweat and Heels”.
Geneva Thomas was allegedly arrested for physically assaulting castmate, Melissa Ford.
Geneva Thomas was allegedly arrested for physically assaulting castmate, Melissa Ford.


Melissa Ford
Melyssa Ford


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