Scratch and Sniff: Scents That Are Good For All Seasons.

What is your scent profile? Some like the scent of florals, musk, vanilla notes or something strong that is a sure way to not get missed when you enter a room. After clearing my dresser this weekend (my Autumn cleaning because Summer came and went too fast to do housework) I found plenty of scents that I love and those that I used to have love for.


List of the Scents that I Love:


2014-10-04 11.16.34 2014-10-04 10.27.44


2014-10-04 11.39.23



We all know that Victoria’s Secret “Lovespell”. Every girl and woman smelled like the “Spell” about five years ago!! Everybody! I have not used this decent in about four years but truth be told, I took a waft of it yesterday and I love it. Now that the “Lovespell” trend is over it may be safe for me to revisit.

I am obsessed with the “Clean” brand of Eau du Parfum. These scents smell like you just took the best shower with the freshest of irish Spring soap or you just rolled in a barrel of clean linen. Who does not love those scents? I’m also a fruity scent loving type of girl. It’s always nice to smell good enough to eat.

twitter: @cleanperfume



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